Letter to the editor: Online friends worried about Rays’ son


To the editor:

Misty Ray was part of our daycare provider online group. I’ve “known” her for 15 years, first on a site for daycare providers, and then we moved it to Facebook. I like Misty. So, I’m sickened by this.

First, none of us ever really knew about the girls. As far as we could tell, she only had two boys. In pictures, it was only the two boys. Sometimes there were girls off to the side but not part of the group. We just assumed they were daycare kids or neighbors.

They took long, expensive trips, but only with (the boys). For all of us to know her for so long and send her cards and gifts, and none of us knew there were girls, we are all shocked. Last Friday, she wrote, “Pray for my family. I can’t share now, but the details will all come out soon.”

My concern is that for several years (the youngest boy) was very, very sick. It was always a serious emergency, and Misty would post pictures of him in the hospital in grave condition. But nobody could ever tell her what was wrong with him. We prayed and worried for him. A few times, it seemed as if he might not make it, only to make a full recovery.

We are worried that they (Misty) were causing his illness and not that he truly had something. (Munchausen syndrome by proxy) I don’t know if there’s anything that can be done for him now, but Misty’s friends are all concerned for his long-term health.

Their youngest son, I think, is about 7 or 8 years old now. I am afraid for his health and if they have caused it, I hope someone would look into it. The oldest boy, I think, is about 20. I lose track of their ages. I’m always surprised to see how they’ve grown.

I hope the kids will be okay. I’m heartbroken.

(Name withheld by request)


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