Letter to the editor: Reader aims to keep still about politics

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, Oct. 6, 2017, by Shealah Craighead

To the editor:

Before anything else or anything worse goes down, I thought I’d try to clear up any misperceptions or misunderstandings about what I think of some of the events of late and how utterly toxic this upcoming election is getting to be.

I’ve been holding back lately because my level of serenity is dependent upon how angry or resentful I may be at any given time. I’ve intentionally sat out quite a few discussions and exchanges here on ThePerryNews.com and other online forums. I even skip catching up on national and world news a day or two a week as it simply won’t do for me to raise my own blood pressure or allow myself to give someone else a stroke.

The fact is I really do care for the wellbeing of others and myself as well. I know my beliefs are quite unsettling to some of you, but that doesn’t mean I wish any of you ill. I don’t want anyone I’ve had disagreements with here and in other forums to take things personally.

I know I’ve crossed the line a number of times. I’m not making any excuses for it, but then again I’m just as human as anyone.

While some might think differently, I assure you I have no ill will for Trump himself even if I am utterly contemptuous of him. I pray for him frequently and even more so since learning of his contracting COVID-19.

I do not wish for evil or bad things to fall upon the man although he totally disgusts me. I want him out of office badly but not on account of any illness or accident. If nothing else, I don’t want anyone to say the Democrats came out on top because Trump was too ill or too dead to campaign.

I want him voted out and not carried out on a stretcher.

Most all of you hereabouts know what I think about the issues. With only a month before the election, I see no point in arguing with anyone who’s probably not going to change her or his mind anyway. Between the campaign ads both sides are fielding and the gazillions of all kinds of people running off at the mouth, there is already more than enough negativity out there.

Sometimes I think the zeitgeist these days could rightly be titled the Stuff It Era. Frankly, I’m quite weary of it all. With that in mind, I’m going to try to keep my mouth shut the next few weeks. I don’t need the turmoil, and neither does anyone else. I might speak up if some unforeseen, drastic or cataclysmic event happens before the election, but let’s hope that’s not the case.

Nick Eakins


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