Letter to the editor: Reader blames lies, liar-in-chief


To the editor:

I am tired of lies. I’m tired of people who listen to lies, and I am especially tired of people who spread them.

Old people like to say that America is going to hell in a handbasket because of young people. Christians like to say that it’s because we’re not allowed to pray in school.

But America will be destroyed because people just don’t care if what they are saying is true or not. They cling to lies and justify spreading them because the lies align with their opinion.

It’s easy to do with the internet and there’s no accountability for doing it. Imagine that! (Think “Obama wasn’t born in America,” or “Biden is a pedophile.”)

Protests have marked America since our beginning. From the Boston Tea Party to women’s suffrage to the Vietnam war to Black Lives Matter. It’s part of our heritage and, yes, it can turn violent when mob mentality takes over.

But the recent siege on the Capitol in Washington, D.C., was different. Apparently, despite court cases thrown out because there was a lack of evidence, despite Republican election officials auditing, recounting and certifying results, there are still people who believe the lie that Biden did not really win the election.

And they were egged on by the President of the United States, who is the chief spreader of that lie.

America better figure out the cloudy issues of free speech, regulations, “news” and liability. Otherwise, we’re going to hell in a handbasket.

Monica Peitz


  1. “The wise try to adjust themselves to the truth, while fools try to adjust the truth to themselves.” –Thibaut

    Thanks for calling out the liars, Ms. Peitz. You are spot on.

  2. Thank you Monica for being the local voice of truth and for being willing to call out lies propagated by POTUS. Many of us have pushed back for five years against his propaganda and “alternate facts,” while others justified and cajoled POTUS. We knew what he was capable of doing. Now the world sees it, too. Impeach. Convict. Prevent him from holding office ever again. Then prosecute everyone who enabled him and broke laws all along the way.

  3. Republicans had to willfully look the other way when Trump was issuing his hate-filled tweets. It has been public knowledge that whoever went up against Trump would receive death threats. He has acted like a mob boss for more than five years. He did it in public, but Republicans are enthralled with him. I will never understand worshiping someone so hate-filled.

  4. Voice of truth? More like the voice of the local democrats. I am willing to bet if she was honest with the public she only cares about “lies” from the right. Can a man become a woman because they feel like it? Not dress and act in a woman gender roll, but actually be a woman. That is just one democrat lie. What about the lie you can be a Christian and be pro murdering babies? What about the lie President Trump is a KGB agent? President Trump said he grabs any woman by the p****? Lie. President Trump said white nationalists are very fine people? Lie. President Trump said all Mexicans are rapists and murderers? Lie.What about the lie that the media is spreading now (Don Lemon) that all that voted for President Trump are in league with the KKK and pro what happened on the 6th?

    How do we know she does not care about lies from the left? She calls BLM riots with 16 killed just protests with some violence due to mob mentality, but calls what happened on the 6th a siege. She claims the election lawsuits where thrown out because of lack of evidence, where almost all where thrown out on standing. None of the issues in the Texas lawsuit have been settled.

    For the past year Democrats have been literally burning this country down based on the lie America is racist to this day. Vice President elect Harris helped raise funds to get those rioters out of jail so they could do more. Go watch the supercuts of the same democrats crying insurrection today cheer on the violence for the past year.
    For the past 5 years Democrat have told 10 lies to Trumps 1.

    What is going to tear this country down is the fact Democrats cant and wont reign in the extremist that control thier party. Just look at the most recent Ben Shapiro and politico nonsense.

    This is not even touching the Kavanaugh lies and the storming of congress by those protestors, but I suppose people waving the American flag (99.9% of those there on the 6th) and singing the national anthem is more scary to the left than sjws yelling nonsense is to the right.

  5. Wow, Fred, you’re messed up. It’s no wonder you’re afraid. Believe any lies you want (and it looks like you believe them all). Just keep your nose out of everyone else’s business.

  6. “Fred,” I am proud to be identified as a Democrat.
    I believe:
    1) The Constitution set up the three branches of the federal government to be a system of checks and balances, each one with different powers.
    2) The equality of all human beings whether they are born female or male, with blue eyes or brown eyes, with black hair or blonde hair, or with brownish skin or whitish skin. Or how they chose to worship God or a supreme being. Or not.
    3) Since citizens contribute to local, state and federal governments, all should benefit.
    4) Government can benefit everyone by maintaining infrastructure, can provide public education for everyone from at least preschool thru trade school or junior college, can provide laws and regulations to keep everyone as safe as possible.
    4) Since our country has benefited from people migrating from all over the world to the United States since its inception, lawmakers need to set up the guidelines for becoming a citizen. We are a country of possibilities that are conceptualized when the minds of different backgrounds come together.
    “Fred,” tell me, why you are a Trump supporter?

  7. Fred, you are spreading lies found exclusively on far-right Internet sites, fueled by Russians, white supremacists, politicians like Trump, who raise money with the suggestion the elections are rigged and good people are somehow evil because they have black or brown skin. They are using you and your friends, Fred, as they try to destroy democracy. Trump told the rioters he would go with them to the Capitol. He went back to the White House and watched on TV with his privileged family. When men and women of my generation (and Trump’s) went to Vietnam, Trump’s father bribed a doctor to write an untrue note saying Donald had “bone spurs” and couldn’t serve. I bet you work harder on most days than he has worked in his entire life. I bet your daddy didn’t give you $400 million to squander, and I bet you haven’t gone bankrupt four times. After asking for violence on Jan. 6, Trump denied supporting it and threw those fooled by him under the bus. After four years of hate and Trump’s cuddling up to Putin, we are lucky he is leaving. Join us in healing this democracy. Democrats stand for working families, better wages for all, not just the uber rich like Trump, fair taxes, good schools, affordable and effective health care, and continuing good programs like Social Security and Medicare. We all need each other, Fred. I bet you are twice as accomplished as Trump will ever be. Use your energy to heal America rather than continue to be used by Trump, spreading his ridiculous lies that only benefit him.


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