Letter to the editor: Reader celebrates Iowa’s clean energy


To the editor:

I would like to thank Gov. Kim Reynolds for proclaiming National Clean Energy Week in Iowa.

Clean energy has been a strong job creator in Iowa for decades now, and it’s heartening to see the good that the industry does for Iowans recognized in such an important way.

In the official proclamation, Reynolds stated there are “over 32,200 Iowans currently employed in the clean energy sector, and these jobs cannot be outsourced due to on-site nature of construction, installation and maintenance.”

That is to say, the jobs created by Iowa’s clean energy industry are here to stay. The energy needs of the nation are changing, and we need policymakers who can address these changes by creating bipartisan solutions that truly reflect the communities they’re designed for.

By recognizing Clean Energy Week in Iowa, Reynolds is showing off the benefits of clean energy — both economically and environmentally — for all to see.

I applaud the governor for taking the important step of celebrating the diverse energy portfolio that’s strengthening the ongoing viability of the job market in Iowa.

Jake Ketzner
West Des Moines


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