Letter to the editor: Reader has ‘bad feeling’ about Trump plans

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To the editor:

It just came to my attention this morning that Trump is telling his supporters not to vote until the so-called voter fraud issue is rectified. This is not a cause for celebration on the left.

I don’t believe for one minute Trump and his supporters have given up. Their open belligerence is there for all to see.

My point is this: If Trump is telling his supporters to have no faith in the electoral process, what do his people have in mind? Of course, history has repeatedly shown that destroying faith in the electoral process is a primary tactic of fascists. It’s as plain as clearly defined bloody fingerprints. There’s no getting around that. It’s what would-be autocrats do.

Furthermore, while I doubt Trump has the intellect or subtlety to come up with an affective plan himself, it’s certain there are those in his camp who might very well have something up their collective sleeves. If they’ve given up the idea of actually winning an election, what do they have in mind? No way would they just let him tell his supporters not to vote if they weren’t up to something.

No. There is no cause for celebrating at all. It’s like what they say about something being too good to be true. It’s time for those of us who oppose Trump to be very, very wary. Perhaps I’ve watched “Star Wars” too often, but the oft-repeated phrase in those movies was “I have a bad feeling about this.”

I do indeed have a bad feeling about this.

Nick Eakins



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