Letter to the editor: Reader offers background to Minburn chase

Dallas County Deputy Sheriffs examined the scene of a motorcycle crash in Minburn that ended a hot pursuit along the Raccoon Valley Bike Trail Sept. 26.

To the editor:

I would like to add some information about the Sept. 26 motorcycle crash in Minburn.

Jason Charlet ran because he was at a bar, was on probation and also had a suspended, barred and revoked driver’s license. He had been warned several times and was also warned by his probation officer that if he was caught again, he would go to prison.

That is the truth about why he ran. They tried to catch him several times when he was called in to the police department for riding a dirt bike erratically through Minburn and  being in a bar he should not have been at. They went to his house several times to inquire about this, but they could not do anything because they did not see him, and there was no proof.

A certain Minburn bar promotes people on probation and parole to be able to drink there even if they know they are, which is illegal. They know Jason very well.

So Jason can sit here and cry and whine and try to feel sorry for himself. Maybe he should have just stayed there when the police got behind him and pulled over. He was not just sitting at the elevator in Minburn. They were still in motion when the cop got behind them.

So if Jason wants to send a letter to ThePerryNews.com, maybe he should tell the truth of why he ran instead of trying to get everybody to feel sorry for him.

Jason Spence



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