Letter to the editor: Reader praises Coney Barrett, Ernst

U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), left, met Oct. 1 with Judge Amy Coney Barrett, nominated as Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

To the editor:

Americans have been very clear — they’re sick of the kind of dirty politics that Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family were forced to endure during the last confirmation of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and demand better in the upcoming confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

I’m proud of U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst, who has committed to giving Judge Barrett a fair hearing. It’s her duty as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee to give the appropriate consideration to any justice who is nominated to fill a vacancy.

It’s clear that Ernst takes this role seriously, and I appreciate the fact that she has stood up to the mob mentality of those on the left and given Barrett the chance to come before the committee and be vetted.

Barrett’s qualifications are vast and appropriate. Her work as a well-respected judge, a brilliant legal scholar, professor at one of the nation’s most prestigious universities and her appreciation and respect for the U.S. Constitution make it clear that she should be confirmed.

Thank you, Sen. Ernst, for your leadership for Iowa and for doing your job.

Will Rogers
Des Moines


  1. What is there to debate? The worst pandemic in a century (200,000+ dead with almost 8 million infected) when other countries made it a routine matter of public health management. The worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, with the greatest collapse in GDP (32% annualized in Q2), the highest number of people unemployed (56 million), the greatest runup in public debt ($6.3 trillion), an explosion in the trade deficit. This is reality. GOP lies, as in the article above, got us here. Who can make any argument for keeping these people in charge or that they are the ones to fix it? Yes, I’m feeling a bit deranged at this point. And frightened, sad and worried for all of us.

    • TDS triggered! What you should be debating is the above article that you claim is lies, but you can’t define the “lies” because there aren’t any. The WooHoo Flu has resulted in economic disaster throughout the world. You fail to recognize how well the economy was prior or how the recovery is better than expected. Further relief has not happened because Pelosi insists on adding trillions to the debt to include bail-outs for fiscally irresponsible states and refuses to negotiate relief for those in need. The Woohoo Flu has successfully eliminated over 200,000 in this country, most of whom do not contribute income taxes to off-set their burden. Sad but true. You should be frightened and worried about the socialism that Democrats will inflict if given the power. Socialism has never been successful. Woe to us all. If you are looking for a good time, there’s a Trump rally in Des Moines tomorrow.

    • Let’s just look at the job numbers. In red states (those voting Republican for president in all four of the last four elections), the combined unemployment rate stood at 6.6%. Among blue states (those that voted Democrat in all four of the last four presidential elections), the figure was 10.5%. Among purple states (all of the others, either split 2 and 2 or 3 wins for one party and one win for the other), the unemployment figure was 7.8%. Even within the purple states, there was a familiar, albeit far less pronounced, partisan discrepancy: Purple states led by Republican governors had an unemployment rate of 7.3%, while the rate for purple states with Democratic governors was 8.2%. The source for these numbers is “Just the News” of Oct. 15, 2020, “A tale of two COVID economies: Red state recovery, blue state recession.” Iowa’s unemployment rate is 6.6%.

    • Revolting, yes, but probably par for the course for a QAnon follower, though I suspect “Rochelle Updike” is a fake name behind which some cowardly Trumpling rages in fear and self-loathing, showing us the true face of compassionate conservatism.

      • As for you Caufield, you are an insult to journalism and a narrow-minded commentator at best. Your assessment of me demonstrates your pathetic unwillingness to be objective. I consider a variety of information and apply critical thinking to find truth. I am not a follower of QAnon but find it interesting. I’m interested in why you reject it. I do fear for the future of my children and grandchildren if socialism gets a foothold in this country. And I’m not a fake.

    • I have no idea where you get racism from my post. Race has nothing to do with it, but I know that’s the go-to when you have no argument to make someone look bad. If you are referring to the people that Woohoo Flu has taken, I was speaking of the aged and disabled, and I was not in favor of this outcome, just stating fact. That’s why I said sad but true. You must have a comprehension problem or read context through your TDS, negative lens.

    • Well, where is the racism? And while you’re at it, where is the callous disregard? I’m ready for your leftist spin to create context that isn’t there. My soul is fine.


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