Letter to the editor: Reader says he is losing patience


To the editor:

I am writing in response to Julia M. Stewart’s comment on a letter from Stewart B. Epstein.

It’s not that I don’t take your point to heart, but my patience has been wearing thin lately.

There are millions of Americans caught up in a movement dead set against our democratic republic as we’ve known it.

How patient should we be with folks who espouse violence and wish to subvert the Constitution by overturning a legally certified election?

How patient should we be with folks whose actions are motivated by conspiracy theories too bogus to be printed in “The National Enquirer?” Pizzagate? QAnon? Lizard people? Christian Nationalism? The Illuminati?


How patient should we be with people who would push for a second Civil War if they don’t get their way?

My patience has just about vanished.

Nick Eakins


  1. I’m kind of confused here.
    Who is the shape-shifting Lizard person in all of this? Trump? Biden?
    Or have I just been partying with Hunter too much and I’m just trippin’?
    I have lived through both Carville and Atwater.
    This is all just old school dirty politics that both of them used to do to the other side and we just need to roll with it this year just like we did with those two’s shenanigans.
    The snobs hated those two and their games and they hate Trump messing with Biden and his mandate.
    Trump shared weeks ago he will never concede to the “Cheater” but will leave in time for him to move in the White House.
    He has never took it back despite his “effort” to “overturn” or better known as a effort to increase the number of those that believe he cheated and firm up those who already “know” masquerading as a real effort to overturn, which makes life tough almost like being accused of being a Russian agent!
    Dirty Politics and Trump will never break character to say Joe won without cheating. The Bedwetters of the Uni-party will wag their boney fingers at him but we all know that only encourges Trump and the rest of us.
    Oh the upset I have just caused …. lol lol lol

  2. To date, 1,142 people have testified under oath, with prison time if they are lying, that they witnessed voter fraud. I have no patience either, especially for sheep who believe everything they are spoon fed from left-wing propagandists like CNN, MSNBC and others. I have nothing against Biden. In fact, he probably doesn’t have a clue what went on. Do you really think Kamala Harris is who he wanted for VP? Joe is nothing but a puppet for the left-wing radicals who would run this country into the ground. Civil war? lmao. I would just hope I don’t hurt myself pulling liberals out from under their beds so I could kick their ass.

    • The Democrats spent 4 years calling Trump a cheater but nobody believed he would not do the same to Biden, but even better with every messed up ballot as proof he cheated?
      I find it uproariously funny that now the other side is upset they are getting the same dirty politics being done to them as if it is just plain naughty if Trump does it to them but their tactics were hugs and kisses these past 4 years
      Just not fair or proper for Bad Man Orange to be doing this don’t you know?
      Democrats only are allowed to accuse someone of cheating, says Mr. Gore.

  3. Thanks, Mr. Eakins. I completely agree. The Trump supporters’ willingness to believe that he won really defies rationality. We can only hope that there are enough Republicans in the Senate who haven’t sold their souls.

  4. Nick Eakins, I stated in my Letter to the Editor, “We must quit being polite and speak out forcefully that we want to keep our Constitutional way of governing. We must continue to be a country of laws and truth.”

    I do not understand why anyone would want to frighten over half of the country. It is disgusting that someone hates all Democrats and would “kick their asses” when frightened.

    It is not “old school dirty politics” when the outgoing president twists the arm of the Georgia Secretary of State to change over 11,000 ballots to make him the winner. NBC just aired Trump’s phone conversation. This is the first and I hope the last time that this happens.

    • The problem is the next one supported by our mindless masses might just know what the heck he’s doing. Trump is all bluster and bombast. The next one could be a smooth operator and much more devious.

  5. Actually, Vice-President Agnew was just such a criminal. We were able to get rid of him. However, I agree that someone smarter than Trump might start a military takeover but, hopefully, our federal government and the Constitution will safeguard us.

    • Too many things have happened, and the acceptable levels of ignorance and xenophobia have risen too high. The levels of civil discourse have degenerated precipitously since Trump set new record lows for that back in 2016. I would rather choose not to exacerbate all of that, but we’re approaching a threshold where we might need to get more hard-nosed ourselves. There comes a time when we must say, “No more.” If they don’t relent with their constant barrage of arrogance, ignorance and belligerence, we may be plunged into a state of havoc and violence rivaling that of Syria and Somalia. There will be no Christian nation. We will never concede Roe versus Wade and allow women to become second-class citizens and veritable vassals. We will not let our LGBQ friends and family members fear for their lives much the same as black men do now. We will no longer stomach the overt ecological degradation we have seen in recent years. There will be no secession either. If they want to pay the price of millions of lives caused by the collapse of all civil authority for generations to come, be that on them. We’re not conceding. We’re not going anywhere. Their malarkey must cease.

      • So ignore all the good things Trump accomplished in just four years. A hell of a lot more than eight years of the previous worthless administration. And then say we will end up like Syria or Somalia. Are you really that out of touch with reality? lmao.

        • Trump hasn’t accomplished anything but angering most of the planet as well as half who live here. He’s a monster, and I want him gone and that with no apology. He may have pulled the wool over your eyes, but not even all Republicans are as easily conned. It’s bad enough your drinking the Kool-Aid, but any efforts made by Trump or any of you who agree to his subversion means you’re trying to force that vile toxin down all our throats. There was no election fraud. All the secretaries of state for all the battleground states have certified their electors. Trump knows this. All the GOP senators and representatives know this. That you will not accept these things as fact is appalling. Trump must not only be thrown out of office, but he should be prosecuted for sedition and thrown in a cell to be forgotten.

          • At last count there were over 1,100 people who signed under oath that they witnessed election fraud. I suppose they are all lying. And what about the suitcases caught on video and the same ballots being counted over and over after the poll watchers were sent home in Georgia? Are you really that naive? And I won’t even mention all the accomplishments because you would deny them anyway because you are nothing but another liberal sheep. I hope you enjoy dementia Joe kissing China’s arse and being led around by his nose by the socialist liberal nutbags on the left. lmao.

  6. I keep telling you repeatedly, pointing fingers at another does nothing to eliminate the guilt of the one. The subject isn’t Biden. It’s Trump. I keep telling you I’m not enamored with Biden either, yet you still throw him into my face. I keep telling you there is a huge difference between allegations and proof, yet you don’t get it. Show me the proof of all the shenanigans you say went down in Georgia. Prove it. You can’t because you have nothing. Every single court case the Trump administration has filed about election improprieties has been thrown out. All of them and many of them by judges Trump himself has appointed. He took his sweet time admitting it, but even McConnell says Biden won. Biden won fair and square. Trump is a narcissistic sociopath and liar through and through. Biden won. Get over it. Now, you can rant more all you want. I’m done here. If you’re not able to see and know the truth by now, you probably never will. I’m not wasting any more of my time here.

    • It was caught on video! And those 1,142 people who signed affidavits under oath with risk of jail if they lied are all liars. You are some kind of dense. Crawl back under your rock, and stay there. lmao.

    • You need to pull your head out of your television. At least look into the fraud evidence that’s available, and don’t take the word of faces in your television. Regardless of whom you support, the evidence of fraud and foreign interference should concern you. The courts dismissed Trump’s cases without seeing evidence, which is very disturbing. There are numerical and statistical impossibilities that are obvious. Politically disconnected experts explain technical aspects involved with the machines as well. If you want proof, it’s out there, hours of it.

  7. As seen at the U.S. Capitol, Ms. Updike, Mr. Chiri, and the like have almost gotten the government they want for all of us, and it’s exactly what you’ve been telling us you have wanted for a long time. Well, our eyes *are* open. You support sedition from a confederacy of lies. We can expect nothing but more of the same from them.

    • We already know Antifa infiltrated the protests and were largely responsible for any violence. But of course, you aren’t smart enough to figure that out or believe it. My God, you are dense. lmao.

      • No, no, no. You don’t get to wiggle your way out of this participation in sedition with yet another lie, no matter how many times you spread it. One day you’ll have this epiphany, so remember that I said this: He will soon turn on his followers. On all of you. This will be *your* fault. The more you worship him, the more you cheer him, the more you carry out his bidding while he cowers, the more he despises you, and he always has. He has only used you to put money in his pocket, as has Fox and OAN and the rest. Do you think that he came up with the trucker hat thing for any other reason than to pander to those he perceives as trash? Do you think it goes well with his gold-spray-paint decor? Granted, it’s a strong con, backed with decades of experience. We see it, and soon, in private and in tears, so will you.

        • In support of many of you, but particularly Mr. Romanowski: it has already been reported that Trump watched the people assaulting the Capitol and referred to them as “low class.” Probably not something his fan base wants to hear but to all of you who love him, he doesn’t love you, despite what he says, and it’s time to wake up. He is interested only in himself and no one else. Not even his children. He has used you and will continue to do so as long as you allow it. The people who stormed the Capitol are in big trouble. Some will be facing significant time in prison. And they did what they did at the behest of a man who first told them to do it and then assured them he would be “with them” but who went back to the White House and watched on television. Of course.


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