Letter to the editor: Register ‘no-party’ to send corrupt elites a message

The Dallas County Commissioner of Elections announced Monday that absentee voting will begin Monday, May 7 for the June primary election. Visit the Dallas County Auditor's website for more information.

To the editor:

I don’t want to know whom my friends are voting for or why or whether they are voting for one of the major party candidates for president. For this general election, the algorithm that runs through these voter’s brains and hearts when they step into the voting booth can only be truly fathomed by the persons themselves.

The logic of many of these voters is impeccable: The other candidate should never be President of the United States of America. Amen.

Both political parties that allowed this to happen, controlled by billionaire and corporate contributions, don’t deserve our allegiance or participation either. If we fall into their trap of being divided by media-manipulated issues or mesmerized by Who’s-winning-in-the-polls? nonsense, we all fall victim to their corrupt, self-serving agendas that impose unfair competition on our businesses and young job seekers and ask incredible sacrifices of young people in endless wars overseas.

Our consolation is not “the pursuit of happiness” but instead the pursuit of mindless consumption. It’s really all about “Divide and Conquer.”

Obviously, our political and economic system has evolved in ways that betray the democratic foundations of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The very lives of our children and the health of our beautiful planet are at stake.

As responsible citizens, the first thing we should do is cancel our voter registrations in either party. A vast exodus to “no party” status would send a loud and clear message that their game is not our game.

The First Amendment to the Constitution — the number one reason people around the world consider the U.S. to be a free society — reads as follows: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

While the First Amendment guarantees our rights from being infringed by our own government, it is only logical that “We the People” assure and encourage the exercise of these rights among our fellow citizens. Listening to the babble of political screwballs (corrupt politicians, economists and pundits) and then voting for their chosen politicians, who don’t have a clue about our communities or the lives of average citizens, diverts our valuable energy and attention from the serious dialogue and independent grassroots organizing needed to change course.

We need everybody’s viewpoints, not just those emanating from the corporate mainstream media. The noted historian Henry Steele Commager recognized many years ago that good ideas always start from one citizen or one community and that for our democratic ideals to live up to their promise in good times or bad, we must avoid all kinds of rhetoric or threatening behavior that chills or stifles our political dialogue.

Given the unsavory records of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I believe the worst outcome would be for one of them to be elected and then able to claim a mandate. The intentions of these two candidates are completely unfathomable.

Talk is cheap.

One candidate backed the monstrous invasions and interventions in the Middle East and now engages in more saber rattling with nuclear powers China and Russia, while she is unwilling to share the text of her $225,000-a-crack speeches on Wall Street. Her party claims the Russians are hacking its computers, while it says we should ignore the vulnerability of her private computer servers she used as Secretary of State.

The other candidate uses rhetoric to inflame any manner of our prejudices — and we all have them — that relegate whole classes of people as fearful second-class citizens and that takes the heat off truly politically powerful elites.

Hillary’s corporate supporters and Donald’s enterprises have thrived on corrupt policies guaranteeing cheap labor and cheap raw materials to amass undreamed of fortunes and power regardless of the cost to our children’s future.

We all know there are better people who deserve our respect and who could be president. We know that the Democrat and Republican parties masquerade as the people’s voice but actually dictate from on high in order to preserve the privilege of the few.

We citizens can register as “no party” so we can start new dialogues at the grassroots. Let’s keep them guessing. No pro-forma platforms. We all have a little “green,” “socialist” and “libertarian” in our blood. Our best choice this election is to vote for anybody but the Democratic or Republican candidates.

George Naylor


  1. I couldn’t agree more. I refuse to vote for Hillary just out of fear The Donald will win. The latter is a Fascist and the former is a pant-suited sock puppet for an equal-opportunity oligarchy. My conscience won’t allow me to vote for either. I’m voting for Jill Stein.


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