Letter to the editor: Satisfied consumer thanks auto dealer, others


To the editor:

We recently purchased a different vehicle. We had done much things, dealers and auctions as well. The Hoffman Brothers did a great job looking at auctions for us and did do some great work to my truck after I purchased it.

What I really wanted to tell you today was the place where we purchased our pickup from was the Car Store in Adel. Ron and the folks down there have done a remarkable business. Their helpfulness and understanding of our needs was truly helpful.

The service department manager, Bill, and his men also work to please the customers, and the work they have done for me has been exemplery. Friendly and knowledge experience really shows.

I just want to thank the Car Store in Adel for the great work they all do.

I know there are more people to thank, but I can’t remember their names at this point. The whole business does great work, and I hope the Lord blesses them as well.

Thanks, Car Store. You have made the car-buying experience not only a learning time but an enjoyable one as well.

Oh, and thanks to Mark from the Hoffman Brothers in Grand Junction and also my neighbor Dan, who took me to Des Moines to look at a vehicle as well. Thanks to our family friend Nick for all the tips and to the many others who assisted us.

Pat Dittert


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