Letter to the editor: Should Big Ag continue to run Iowa?

Big Ag rules OK

To the editor:

I don’t think Iowa should have to sacrifice its wildlife, air and water quality to counter the trade imbalance with China.

Our grain and meat exports are good for the big players in our food system, such as the nitrate producers, seed companies, equipment manufacturers, grain companies, meat packers and exporters, but family farmers are not doing great at the moment, and our “natural capital” is being squandered.

I have heard Iowa called a “sacrifice zone.” My family has deep roots in Iowa. We do not like the idea of destroying the place so a few can get really rich.

Why not give back a little land to Mother Nature to benefit all Iowans? Why not restore wetlands and build new ones in order to reduce flooding and bank erosion, eliminate the nitrate problem and create habitat for ducks, pheasants and other wildlife all over the state?

Governor Vilsack was trying to give Iowa conservation money to help us out. But Big Ag said, “No, thanks, we want all of Iowa plowed. That is where our money comes from.”

Most Iowans know that Big Ag runs Iowa. But should it?

Mike Delaney
Des Moines


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