Letter to the editor: Sorensen, Chapman oppose female autonomy

Perry's state representatives, Iowa District 10 Sen. Jake Chapman, left, and Iowa House District 20 Rep. Ray "Bubba" Sorensen, will host three town-hall forums during the current legislative session, but none in Perry.

To the editor:

“Our liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain.” This is the Iowa state motto, which has become familiar to us because Perry’s state representative, Ray Sorensen of Greenfield, closes his newsletters with the inspiring statement.

However, I’m sorry to say that Rep. Sorensen doesn’t believe it applies to Iowa women.

The vote of Rep. Sorensen and 54 other Republicans on Wednesday in the Iowa House of Representatives approved a proposed constitutional amendment that would open the door to more abortion restrictions in the Iowa constitution. It would do this by adding language to the Iowa Constitution that says it does not grant a right to abortion.

This is a reaction to the 2018 Iowa Supreme Court ruling that held the state constitution protects abortion as a fundamental right but not without limits. As a matter of fact, the Iowa Supreme Court noted in its decision, “Autonomy and dominion over one’s body go to the very heart of what it means to be free.”

The current rights and liberties of Iowa women to control their own bodies are under attack by the Republican legislature. The philosophy of the Republicans is that if you think the constitution grants a civil right that you don’t like, then just change it.

If you feel that the Iowa state motto and the Iowa Constitution apply to women, then let Perry’s state Senator, Republican Jake Chapman of Adel, know. Tell him to vote “no” on this proposed constitutional amendment.

From now on, I suggest that Rep. Sorensen refrain from closing his newsletter with the Iowa state motto since obviously does not believe it applies to the fundamental rights of women. We would not want him to appear to be hypocritical.

Judy Kading


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