Letter to the editor: They have sown the wind and shall reap the whirlwind


To the editor:

It is hard to say anything new on the subject of gun violence and the twin evil of racism and white supremacism that seems to be fueling a lot of the carnage.

We know that no other nation, not torn by war, sees these levels of mass shootings. Not even close. Not even in the same universe.

We know the emptiness of the phrase, “Thoughts and prayers.”

We know that politicians who have the responsibility to act to protect American lives have been bought and are beholden to the gun lobby.

We know weapons of war are not for hunting.

We know words of hate can inspire actions of hate.

We have seen cowardice when we need leadership.

We have been warned about the growing threat of homegrown white nationalism.

We can shout, “When will it be enough? How many more will have to die?” But we know we’ve shouted that many, many, many times before.

We know all these things, and so many more . . .

With the number of assault weapons and high volume magazines already out in American society, there will be no easy solutions to this public health emergency. With a president who cheers violence against his political rivals and those he sees as “others,” we know the fires fanned by dangerous rhetoric are likely to continue to burn.

But while Washington continues to be trapped by normalizing a deadly status quo, I sense that the will of the majority of Americans who believe we must do something is having an effect. You can see it in the statements reacting to the recent massacres, the calling this what it is, the vows for action at the ballot box for local and national races.

This is not the America most of us will accept, where children and shoppers and people out for a night with friends are slaughtered. There can be no euphemisms or whataboutism in this moment. We need clarity to see the threats for what they are and not let those who peddle in lies or distortions distract us from the truth of their complicity or the need for action.

Brent Hegstrom


  1. What we see is what we are. You cannot hope for the Americans of the past when you represent the Americans of today. Americans of the past stood in solidarity for a moral and cultural standard, the rule of law and the guiding principles of the Constitution. Immigrants came to experience the American dream through allegiance.
    Americans of today are the result of abandoning such principles. Americans of today have accepted the news media’s becoming commentary rather than reporting objective facts. Americans of today welcome illegal immigration and consider control of borders to be racist. Americans of today elect lawmakers who vilify white men and the founding principles of this country.
    For the author of the letter to the editor and those who support open borders and are also concerned about gun violence, here are some facts: 1. Your claim that mass killings in the U.S. are far greater than anywhere else cannot be proven because there is no standard for what is considered mass killings. 2. Gun violence/deaths can be compared and the U.S. is not on top. Four out of the top five countries are 1. Honduras 2. Venezuela 3. El Salvador and 5. Guatemala. This is who we are.

  2. Well said, Rochelle. The morons on the left are consumed by hate because they lost an election they thought was bought and paid for. Listening to the comments of some of the Democratic presidential contenders the last couple days is disheartening. Just when you think they can’t sink any lower with their rhetoric, they prove us wrong. Anyone that even considers voting for one of those clowns should have their head examined.


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