Letter to the editor: Trump insults war dead; Dallas County GOP cheers

Tyne Cot cemetery. Photo by Ahubling at English Wikipedia

To the editor:

Party like a patriot? [Dallas County Republicans party like patriots with My Pillow Guy] What does that mean?

What kind of a patriot? A patriot like the president they all love? The president who claims to be not just a patriot but the best patriot ever? That patriot who demeans active military service members and veterans, calling them “suckers” and “losers”?

The president who can’t imagine why they serve because there’s nothing in it for them? The president who didn’t want to go to a military event honoring World War I soldiers because it was windy and rainy and it might muss his hair?

The “patriot” whose dad got a doctor — who happened to be a tenant in a building he owned — to sign an untrue statement saying he, our current president, had bone spurs, therefore allowing our “patriot” president to dodge the draft?

The guy who claimed that John McCain was a loser because he was captured by the enemy in Vietnam when his plane was shot down, was held for four years, tortured and was offered a release by his captors but refused to leave his fellow prisoners? The president who was outraged when flags were lowered to half staff when McCain died? That guy?

Patriotism in this crowd appears to be wrapping yourself in a flag and pledging loyalty to the Republican Party, no matter how far off course they veer in their blind faith to this president. Hope they all had a rollicking good time.

Susie Olesen


  1. You liberals are such gullible sheep. Some left-wing rag prints some garbage that has already been refuted by many, and you jump right on board. lmao.

    • And even if it were true, and that’s a big if, the president has done more for the military and vets like myself in 3 1/2 years than Obama did in 8. And anyone with half a brain can figure out why something that happened in March is all of a sudden news. Fact is the Dems know their worthless candidates are slipping in the polls, and they will do anything to try to discredit the president.

  2. “Anyone with half a brain can figure out…” Funny you put it that way. It sounds about right, but a little on the high side.

    • Actually, I was wrong. The alleged comments were made in November of 2018, which makes this report by four “anonymous” people even more preposterous. They waited almost two years to break this story. lol. Just another example of how desperate the Dems are.


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