Letter to the editor: Trump trades on fear, hate, reader says

Paul Kantner was not afraid.

To the editor:

To heck with fear. I’m more concerned about our own homegrown reactionaries than about Muslims and immigrants.

If it were not for fear, the Right would not exist. The Right says we Lefties always need to come up with victims. I say that if the Right cannot find a bogeyman to fear, they will create one.

Indeed, they seem to create a lot of them. Maybe we’d have fewer bogeymen to fear if the Right just stopped creating so many victims.

That’s right. If you’ve guessed I’m upset about Trump’s travel ban, you’re only half-right. I’m just as mad about Steve Bannon having any position at all in the halls of power. He’s a blatant religious bigot as well as a Fascist.

That’s right. I called him a Fascist, and I will not retract it.

Don’t even use the term “Alt Right” around me. A Fascist by any other name is still a Fascist, just as the pork plant’s odor reeks just as bad whatever you call its source.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not unmindful of the threats we face from foreign lands, but my particular fears are closer to home. Trump makes even Richard Nixon look like Mahatma Ghandi.

He uses Tweets to rile up the gullible and bypasses the legitimate press. This is deeply disturbing. The media can speak the truth like Gospel, but it’s disregarded by the minions whenever Trump calls it “Fake News.”

To be sure, his administration gets away with all of this because many Americans believe anything he says. They rightly distrust most of the media, yet they’ve now settled for just two sources of information, Trump’s Tweets and his Ministry of Propaganda under Spicer.

Trump maintains his sway over the minds of millions through fear of immigrants, illegals and Muslims. Does this sound familiar? Just who will be feared next?

What I’m afraid of is the very direction I see us headed under Trump. What troubles me even more is how many of you just don’t see it.

Will the LGBTQs be feared next? How about anyone and everyone who isn’t on your approved religion list? Is it possible many of you will eventually fear anyone that’s critical of Trump?

As I am an outspoken critic, will you even fear me? The very real possibility of the latter causes me to fear. After all, I am a Green/Social Democrat and a genuine leftist.

P.S. I didn’t vote for Hillary either.

Nick Eakins



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