Letter to the editor: Varley really listens, daughter says


To the editor:

This year my father, Warren Varley, is running to represent Iowa House District 20. As his daughter, I’m clearly biased, but I have also witnessed how deeply he loves rural Iowa, how closely he studies the issues and how tirelessly he works.

I’ve seen it firsthand, not just through this year’s campaign but for my entire life. The values and ideas that he expresses in speeches are the exact same messages that I grew up hearing at the dinner table.

My dad taught me that I would be judged not by my own achievements but by how I treated people who had fewer advantages than me. He taught me that when you’re working to serve a greater good, you can somehow always find the energy to persevere no matter how bleak things get. He taught me to speak up for what is right even if I’m standing alone.

And he taught me to listen, really listen. And if you still have a hard time empathizing with your neighbor, then listen some more.

He’s running on a platform of good-paying jobs, affordable health care and a good education system. To learn more details about his perspectives on these issues, I would urge you to take a look at his Facebook page or his website.

But most importantly, he’s campaigning not to tell you about his opinions but to listen to yours. He wants to represent all Iowans – Republican and Democrat and everyone in between. If you would like to talk to him, he’d be thrilled to hear from you. That goes for after election day, too.

I can guarantee that my dad will continue working hard to serve the people of this district however he can, whether or not he wins a seat in the Iowa State House this year.

No matter whom you vote for, please do vote! Even more than I believe in my dad, I believe in our democracy. And it depends on people showing up. Your voice is important. You deserve to be heard.

If you are uncertain about how to vote on (or before) Nov. 6, call your county auditor or check out vote411.org. Alternatively, anyone on the Vote Varley team will be happy to assist you.

Gwen Varley
Stuart, currently a student at the University of Greenwich, U.K.


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