Letter to the editor: Vouchers will harm our public schools


To the editor:

I am writing to inform your readers about Senate Study Bill 1065 (now called Senate File 159), which allows “vouchers” for individual student choice of schools.

This can include homeschooling, charter schools, private schools — all of which allow public tax dollars to leave Greene County schools. Per pupil cost in Greene County is $7,000, so 10 students using this choice eliminates one experienced teacher. It is the same in Dallas County’s school districts.

There are no safeguards or requirements placed on homeschoolers, and this brings to mind Sabrina Ray. Readers will recall the 16-year-old Perry girl who was found dead of malnutrition in 2017. Her parents were supposedly home schooling her, and no one was laying eyes on her.

In my opinion, the tax dollars collected from school district residents should remain in our communities. Education budgets are very tight and when a school needs to consolidate with others, the community loses.

Parents don’t want to live where their children are bused away from the town. Businesses lose. It becomes a downward spiral for a town’s livelihood.

I have notified my state representatives to vote against this bill, and I hope that other persons will, too. To find your lawmaker, click here.

Mary Weaver


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