Letter to the editor: W-G needs curriculum director for all students


To the editor:

I know many people are very excited about this new addition to our school district. Not that I don’t welcome Matt, but I don’t welcome the position.

The heart and first priority of any school district is to educate students and prepare them for life after graduation, making learning for all students possible, taking them to the next level of learning, no matter where they are at, and also supporting teachers to be the most effective in the classroom.

I have two sons. One recently graduated, and another will be a senior this fall. Both of them participated in a sport every season. I am a strong supporter of the athletics. This isn’t about not being a supporter of athletics. I am so blessed my boys were active, able and thrived being in sports.

My biggest concern is that if education is a priority before we have an athletic director, then we should hire a full time curriculum director in our school district. Having a curriculum director that benefits all students in K-12 and is more important than an athletic director that only supports grades 7-12 and those in sports.

Sports in an important part of education for many students. It can help keep students in school. It promotes well being, teamwork, a sense of belonging, promotes self-esteem and the list goes on . . .

A curriculum director helps promote teachers’ learning how to effectively teach to all students for professional development days. A curriculum director decides the best textbooks and courses needed in our schools and analyzes test scores to see where are our students are reaching proficiency and where they are not. This person reaches all students in the district and all teachers.

If you have a student who has a hard time catching on to a learning concept, struggles with tests, etc., then a curriculum director is your child’s best advocate.

If you have a child for whom learning comes easily and who wants and needs to be challenged more, then a curriculum director is your child’s best advocate.

And if you have a child that is right in the middle, then they still have the right to learn and be challenged, and a curriculum director is your child’s best advocate.

I do not agree with our administration and our school board who made the decision to hire an athletic director before replacing our curriculum director. We had one, and they cut that position due to budgetary concerns. If we have enough money to hire an athletic director, then the money should have been there to hire a curriculum director.

The students in WG have a school board to represent them. I am wondering whether the school board is representing all students by hiring this position before a curriculum director.

For me personally, it sends a message that before students’ learning, sports come first. Not a good message to send to parents, students and stakeholders in our community.

Jennifer Pierce


  1. How about a librarian? All last year, my son couldn’t check out books because there was no librarian. Couldn’t afford it. Yet the district is able to find money for athletics. Hmm, priorities.


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