Letter to the editor: Weapon was ‘spare-tire bar,’ arrestee says

Room 300 on the east side of the third floor of the Dallas County Courthouse is the largest courtroom in the county.

To the editor:

So that the story is straight: This woman, who I don’t know that well, came at me in a threatening manner. She had been harassing me because I helped her newly estranged husband retrieve his belongings from their home where at the time they both lived at.

This woman for nights kept bullying me and even threatened not only my well being but my children’s well being. On the night in question, this individual, who apparently heard some rumor about something, started in on me.

I was minding my own business and was going inside to Casey’s General Store.┬áThis individual made more threats towards me and was coming at me in in a threatening manner.

So, longest story short, I went to my truck and popped my hood to check my coolant and oil levels, and this woman came at me while I was doing this, and I felt she was going to do some bodily harm to myself.

So, instinctively, I grabbed the spare-tire bar off of my truck and smacked it on my hood to cause the harasser to back away.

So, in reality, all the officers of the Perry Police Department did was arrest me for assaulting my ’02 Ford F250.

The story on this was exaggerated. I have since then talked to the editor of ThePerryNews.com and set the record straight, with evidence and police reports from the Perry Police Department.

It was not a tire iron. It was a bar used to drop down my back spare tire, which was underneath my hood while I was checking my antifreeze. Minding my own business, this woman came up and started harassing and threatening me. She did this for four days prior because I helped her husband move out of their home after they split.

This article has made me out to be a monster, so I’m going to explain this to the general public so you all can see what happened.

As for my arrest record in 2012, the assault was due to somebody stealing property from my wife. I had pursued the individual and had him return my wife’s property. After the property was returned, he initiated a fist fight in which we both were arrested.

In 2015 the domestic issue with my wife was because I was off my PTSD medication due to doctor’s orders. Since then, the doctor that made that order has been fired.

The issue in 2017 was because I had a gentleman in my home in Jefferson, Iowa, assaulting his wife. I stopped him from beating her.

You all think that I’m a menace to society or this big monster, but none of you had the balls to come up and ask me personally what my side of the story is. You believe what the media tells you.

I think about the only person that probably has balls on this entire post to ask me and probably didn’t would have been Chris Lillie. But at last you have the whole truth.

Michael Godwin


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