Letter to the editor: Who will rid me of this troublesome Trump?


To the editor:

As a former social studies teacher who taught the Constitution to eighth graders, I am distressed by elected Republican leaders who are supporting sedition. Why are they causing insurrection and resistance against our government?

It frightens me that we could lose our republican form of government.

What happened to the peaceful transfer of power that has made our country the envy of the world? Becoming an autocracy does not sound like a solution.

What is going to break this madness? We must quit being polite and speak out forcefully that we want to keep our Constitutional way of governing.

We must continue to be a country of laws and truth.

Julie Stewart Ziesman


  1. Peaceful transfer of power? How about the last four years of Democrat bs with their phony Russia impeachment? The only threat to our democracy are the Democrats like Pelosi and Schumer and others who have tried to stand in the way of everything Trump has accomplished or tried to accomplish. And if you think dementia Joe won this election fairly, you are beyond being just another left-wing sheep. Maybe you could explain how all those votes that came in between 2 and 6 in the morning were over 80% favoring that moron Biden. You can’t except that you are just another uninformed, brainwashed, liberal sheep.

  2. Extreme acts of sedition and insurrection against our government are being carried out by BLM and ANTIFA in Democrat ran cities that accepted the looting, burning and destruction of businesses, government property and monuments. (Who incentivizes this?) It is Dems that support defunding police. Implementation of the Democrats’ socialist policies will destroy the Constitution and pave the way for a CCP takeover.
    Anyone with a casual connection to reality knows that it is not possible for a Biden win in a honest election. The feeble-minded pervert didn’t campaign and the lack of enthusiasm and support was evident. It takes little effort in researching this child-sniffing criminal, to find that in nearly 50 years in government, Joe Biden’s only accomplishment was lining his pockets with millions and did absolutely nothing to benefit the people of this country. At last, it is well known that Biden’s health will likely make him step down making Harris POTUS but she couldn’t maintain 1% support in the primaries. Grab some popcorn, sit back and observe the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

  3. You have the option to emigrate.
    How about New Zealand?
    It’s a land of fantasy and make-believe, you’d like it.
    And they have lots of sheep to yell at.
    But you’ll have to leave your guns.

  4. Rochelle and Greg-If you have not volunteered to work at the polls in a General Election, I hope you will in 2024. My mom worked as an election precinct worker in every election until she died at age 66. I also have worked the polls. It gives you a better perspective. In Iowa there has to be at least one Republican and one Democrat along with a third worker. There are 99 counties with many precincts in each county. That takes a lot of volunteers who are neighbors. In Iowa we are also fortunate to personally meet the candidates. I met several candidates, including Biden. He was energetic, positive, and looked very healthy. I also suggest if you live in Iowa in 2024 that you take the time to personally meet and greet the candidates. First-hand knowledge is very helpful in making a decision.

  5. I agree, Julie. Thanks for speaking up both in your LTE and the comments. If you participate in working at elections, you will see how difficult it would be to pull off the nonsense Trump and his lawyers are suggesting happens. It doesn’t.


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