Letter to the editor: Why do Trump fans want secession, civil war?


To the editor:

District 18 Rep. Steven Holt of Denison wrote in the Oct. 12 Des Moines Register that “52% of Donald Trump supporters favor seceding from the Union.”

Are Holt and those who believe as he does ready to move to the “Confederate” states? Or do they want to move out of the country altogether?

Holt’s opinion is that 41% of Biden supporters favor secession in order to destroy the principles of our democratic republic. Where has he gotten this percentage or his conclusion?

An attendee at the Trump rally on Oct. 9 was heard stating on a local TV news report that “a civil war is coming.” How are we to interpret that statement?

Julie Stewart


  1. The revolution will be at the polls in 2022. Biden has been an absolute joke with his shameful exit from Afghanistan, getting 13 soldiers killed and leaving Americans behind. His war on fossil fuels has caused oil prices to skyrocket, and we are no longer energy independent like we were a year ago. His non-action on the southern border is also another one of his screwups. Then of course rising inflation and his ignorant vax mandates that will cost many people their jobs. The sooner we get rid of that jackass and his cronies, the better.

  2. Have you ever heard of a country with a civil war that did not involve shooting fellow citizens? Seceding from the union does not imply voting.

      • And how do you plan on getting rid of these duly elected officials? How about others who believe like they do? Are you ready to get rid of over 50% of Americans?

          • So how do you plan on getting rid of 38% of the US population? Sounds like you want to get rid of anyone who does not believe exactly as you do. Personally, I like to meet those with other views. It would be a very dull world without different views, talents and achievements.

          • If you haven’t noticed, it’s the liberal left that are trying to impose their views on the rest of us with their mask and vax mandates while they ignore the problems on our southern border and the rising inflation causing prices of gas, heating oil and groceries to skyrocket. Those are the people that we need to be rid of. I have to believe even the staunchest Democrats see what is happening and don’t like it.

  3. Why? Because they’re all-day suckers for Trump, and none too bright. Perfect marks for an old con man. He’ll always take someone else’s money and needs a gullible goon squad to provide a projection of strength. Typical mob guy habits.

    The marks (Hi, Greg!) think that they’re on the winning team and will seek out and believe anything or anyone that tells them that, for once in their lives, they’re winners, they’re smart, they’re powerful. The conservative right throws out new crap every day to see what sticks, and when it does, they spread it out far and wide, and these poor suckers eat it up and ask for more. It’s almost sad that many of these people are so empty inside that they’ll believe any lie, no matter how nonsensical or dangerous.

    Trouble is, the idiot leader is a psychopath. He doesn’t want to be re-elected. That’s too much work. It’s all an act. What he wants is a means for revenge. He wants to see the world burn but wants us all to know that it was Trump(tm) that did it. He has no respect for those people at his rallies (or anyone else), but he loves an easy mark.

    Trump consistently screws up everything he touches, so it might not happen (though a body count of well over half a million is a start), but his gathering zombie horde is indeed troubling, especially the hyper-violent ones with lots of spare time.

    And yeah, Greg, I’m a liberal sheep, and you’re slipping up. I was at least expecting some Obama, Hillary, and Hunter Biden from you.


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