Letter to the editor: Wiese owners cite extenuating circumstances

Wiese Industries has been fined $3,000 by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for actions that threaten the integrity of the DNR's air quality program,

To the editor:

As the owners of Wiese Industries, we were surprised to see the June 23 article about our company. Not from the perspective of it being an article of newsworthy content in Perry, but more from the perspective your reporter never even bothered to contact our firm for our side of the story, instead choosing to portray our firm as an irresponsible serial violator.

Had they taken the 5 minutes it would have cost them, they would have learned our previous maintenance manager was the only person receiving the notices of violation and failed to disclose them to management.

We only learned of his transgressions in June 2021. And once aware of these violations, we paid our fine and we took immediate steps to ensure this never happens again.

As a long-term member of the community, we take our responsibilities to the citizens of Perry seriously.

Ian Giles and Trevor Giles, owners of Wiese Industries Inc.
Regina, Saskatchewan


  1. Take responsibility instead of blaming your employees. As owners you and your plant manager are responsible for knowing what is going on at your company.


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