Letter to the editor: Write in West for Grand Junction mayor


To the editor:

We have the youngest person and female ever running for mayor of Grand Junction in Kimberly West. She will be a write-in candidate and is looking for your support at the polls.

Kimberly is 25 years old, was born in Jefferson and has lived her entire life in Grand Junction. She has the town’s best interests in mind and heart. She wants to see the town she knew and loved all her life come back.

Kimberly’s parents bought a house in Grand Junction 33 years ago and still live there to this day. Kimberly herself is married to Ryan West of Grand Junction, and together they have a beautiful 6-month-old baby girl.

Kimberly knows that there is no saying, “I can’t fix this,” and she knows that in anything like this that it always takes a team, a good team of people to make good things happen in a town.

Please write in Kimberly West for mayor of Grand Junction when you vote Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Jennifer Pickering


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