Lifelike figures added to Perry PD monument Thursday

Crimestoppers campaign fundraiser Carolyn McNeil, left, and Perry Police Department Chief Eric Vaughn welcomed the latest additions to the Perry Police Department monument.

The latest step was taken Thursday morning in the construction of a monument to the Perry Police Department when lifelike figures of a police officer and a K9 officer were placed near the boulder.

Carolyn McNeill of Perry, the Perry Crimestoppers member who spearheaded the fundraising campaign for the monument, was joined by Perry Police Department Chief Eric Vaughn to see the figures delivered.

The Perry Public Works Department was represented by Jack Butler, Josh Wuebker and Jose Arceo.

The monumental eight-ton rock was placed in October 2018 in the first phase of construction. Dennis Allen of Herndon, owner of Dennis’ Rocks, and Steve Salzer of Perry, already famous for their donation of the Dallas County Freedom Rock, teamed up with a front loader and skid loader to situate the big rock at the south end of the police department parking lot.

McNeil said a plaque will be attached to the rock, and the figures of a police officer, child and dog were envisioned as part of the original design. Landscaping for the monument will include a tree and shrubbery, and a U.S. flag will fly over all, she said. The estimated cost of the police memorial is $10,000 to $12,000.


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