Local eateries report slow but steady carry-out business

Customers pick up orders from Casa de Oro. Local restaurants are reporting slow, but steady, carry-out and curbside delivery business.

There is no way to sugarcoat it: Not having sit-down service has been a blow to local restaurants. That said, many are reporting a steady stream of business.

Salvador Lepe at Casa de Oro said he remains grateful for the loyalty of his clientele, a sentiment shared at all establishments ThePerryNews reached.

“We appreciate having our customers continue to bring us business,” Lepe said. “It is not busy like normal, but it has been steady. We are happy for those who are supporting us.”

Maluhkai Van Deboe at McDonalds said the drive-thru window has seen a drop off but not as much as was feared.

“It has been real steady,” he said. “We are not having the rushes like we are used to, but we are still seeing a good amount.”

Van Deboe reminded customers that the lobby remained open for take-out orders.

“You can certainly come in and order. You just cannot stay inside to eat,” he said.

Subway remains open from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. daily. Orders can be placed online at subway.com for immediate pick-up, or customers can come in to order, but — as at all other restaurants — they must take their food with them.

With no certain date for a return to “normal” the local food stops are hoping their business sees an uptick as the days go by. All business is, of course, appreciated.


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