Love conquers all with Nu Alpha Gamma Kindness Rocks

Nu Alpha Gamma member Marlene Johnson, left, shares smiles with Perry High School Counselors, from left, Anne Horgen, Tammy Valline and Angelica Cardenas, over the Kindness Rocks. Photo courtesy Nu Alpha Gamma

“If you can be anything, BE KIND.”

The Nu Alpha Gamma Chapter of women educators certainly took this mantra to heart as they gathered to decorate Kindness Rocks at their May chapter meeting.

The members used their skills and creativity with paint markers to add encouraging sayings to more than 50 rocks, which were then bestowed upon Perry High School counselors Tammy Valline, Anne Horgen and Angelica Cardenas, who were thrilled and excited to receive the Kindness Rocks.

Valline said the Kindness Rocks were later integrated into an activity for the Mentor and Violence Prevention (MVP) leaders called “Amazing Race.” A scavenger hunt was held at Wiese Park, and the Kindness Rocks decorated the tables.

The 13 MVP senior leaders were able to choose a rock to hide, give away or keep. The senior leaders also facilitated activities for freshmen involving caring, respect and the climate of the school.

Valline said that the rocks would also given as a “pick me up” to encourage students. During this extra-challenging school year, the counselors will be able to offer the Kindness Rocks to students who visit their office, which is exactly what the Nu Alpha Gamma members were hoping — to make someone’s day a little brighter with a Kindness Rock.


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