Madrid Police Report October 14-20


October 14, 2019

  • An officer spoke to a Madrid resident about extra patrol on a family member’s house due to health issues.
  • An officer performed unlocked a vehicle in the 200 block of S. Cedar Street.
  • An officer spoke to a Madrid resident about a vacation watch form for an upcoming winter vacancy.
  • An officer returned a phone call and left a message for a Madrid resident who called about  two junk vehicles on County Line Road.
  • An officer met with staff from Radar Tech, who certified all radar units in the patrol vehicles.
  • An officer responded to Meadow Estates for a fire set in the woods. The officer was able to extinguish the fire prior to Fire/EMS arrival. No injuries or property damage occurred.
  • October 15, 2019
  • An officer received a call from a Madrid resident requesting a call for service made in 2017 about someone in another state stealing his identity.
  • An officer conducted a funeral procession.
  • An officer was dispatched to an out-of-control juvenile at the 600 block of W. North Street. The officer assisted with settling the juvenile down and spoke to the mother about options for assistance.
  • An officer spoke to the guardian of a Madrid juvenile about the juvenile’s sneaking out at night. The officer received permission to speak to the juvenile at the Madrid High School and warned him for curfew.
  • An officer spoke to another group of parents about their children sneaking out at night.
  • An officer was called to the 400 block of W. First Street for an unwanted person at a residence. Dispatch called back and said the male left after the caller contacted police.

October 16, 2019

  • An officer fingerprinted a Madrid resident for a job-related background check.
  • An officer was called to the Madrid High School regarding possible criminal mischief to a vehicle. The officer located no damage to the vehicle.
  • An officer was called to the 300 block of S. State Street for kids playing unsafely on the bridge. The officer gave all kids present a safety speech before he cleared.
  • An officer relayed a message to a Madrid resident in the 200 block of N. Main Street for the Dayton Police Department.
  • An officer responded to a report of juveniles fighting in front of the Madrid Public Library. The juveniles were spoken to, and their respective parents were contacted. Both children left to go home.

October 17, 2019

  • An officer assisted a Madrid resident with picking up her daughters’ phone that was located after it was brought home from school by another student.
  • An officer was dispatched to 21st Street and N. Kennedy Avenue for a vehicle on fire. The fire was put out.
  • An officer was called to the 900 block of S. Kennedy Avenue for an unwanted male. The officer spoke to all the parties, and the female ended up giving the male a ride back home to Kelley.
  • A Madrid resident stopped in the Madrid Police Department to inform an officer her husband had been drinking and she was worried about her safety, and so she was going to stay with a relative in another town. The officer followed her out of town to make sure no one was following.
  • An officer inspected two ATVs for a Madrid resident and signed off on DNR registration paperwork.
  • An officer responded to a noise complaint at the Green Street Apartments parking lot. The parties said they will keep it down and were going inside.

October 18, 2019

  • An officer received a call about a vehicle blocking an alley west of Delander Street in the 100 block. The officer made contact with the owner, who immediately moved the vehicle.
  • An officer met with someone who donated two nice bikes to children who need them. If your child is in need of a bike, please contact Chief Tasler to arrange a meeting.
  • An officer was dispatched to call someone staying at the Ledges State Park about a transaction issue that occurred at the Market of Madrid.
  • An officer followed up with a victim of a past crime. The officer also followed up with a detective from the Polk County Sheriff’s office and exchanged information on the ongoing case. The officer emailed the Polk County Attorney with the information learned to keep him up on the case.
  • An officer responded to N. Locust Street regarding a domestic situation between a mother and daughter. The officer referred the case to the Iowa Department of Human Services for a follow up.
  • An officer responded to W. Second Street for a third-party report of a possible domestic situation between a woman and her foster child. The officer spoke with both parties involved and determined that an argument occurred but things had settled down.
  • An officer responded to W. First Street for a report of an attempted abduction at the elementary playground. Upon arrival, the officer was informed by the reporting party that it was a false alarm.
  • An officer took a call of a reckless driver headed southbound out of town on Iowa Highway 17. The officer referred the caller to Boone County Dispatch to notify the appropriate agencies.
  • An officer took a report of two bikes in a dumpster. The officer located the owner, and the items were returned.

October 19, 2019

  • An officer responded to a domestic situation at the N. County Line Road trailer park. The officer determined a couple was arguing over relationship problems and assisted them in talking through the issues.

October 20, 2019

  • An officer received a report of a suspicious person in the 200 block of E. 22nd Street. The officer located the person and talked with him.
  • An officer spoke to a female who was looking for the person in the above-mentioned call. The officer helped her locate him, and the persons left town.
  • An officer received a report of an intrusion alarm at the Madrid High School. The alarm was set off accidentally by the custodian.
  • An officer discovered an alarm going off on the generator at the Madrid Fire Department. The officer contacted an Madrid firefighter, who came and silenced the alarm.
  • An officer spoke to a resident about whom to contact about checking carbon dioxide level in a house.
  • An officer took a report of a dog bite. The officer made arrangements with the Boone County Humane Society, Dallas County Hospital and the owner of the dog to resolve the incident.
  • An officer stopped a vehicle for failing to stop. The driver was found to have an instruction permit only and was traveling without a licensed driver in the vehicle. Both the driver and passenger were juveniles and out past curfew. The officer issued citations to both juveniles for curfew violations, and the driver was issued a citation for failure to obey a traffic control device and violating the conditions of a graduated license.
  • An officer followed up with the respective parents form the previous entry’s traffic stop.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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