Meals on Wheels looking to serve more home-bound elders

Nikki Danzer, left, activity director for the Spring Valley Retirement Community, is delivering meals to a home-bound residents of northern Dallas County.

Spring Valley Retirement Community Activity Director Nikki Danzer delivers a meal to the home of a Perry senior citizen in the Perry Lutheran Homes’ Meals on Wheels program. La directora de actividad comunitaria de Spring Valley Retirement, Nikki Danzer, entrega una comida a la casa de una persona mayor de Perry en el programa de comidas en ruedas de Perry Lutheran Homes.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, older adults are among the most vulnerable. To protect themselves from exposure, more will need to stay at home and self-isolate, but the issue of food can make it difficult to do so.

The Perry Lutheran Homes Meals on Wheels is ready to StepUp and serve additional home-bound elders who are staying at home by delivering meals to their doorstep.

“We want to do everything we can to make sure that all elders in the community are safe and healthy, not just those that live with us in our senior care communities,” said Melissa Gannon, chief operating officer and administrator for the Perry Lutheran Homes. “In addition, meal recipients can rest assured that our delivery team members are trained and equipped with the latest COVID-19 processes and procedures for the safety of all.”

Home-bound elders living in Perry or northern Dallas County can sign up for meal delivery from the Perry Lutheran Homes Meals on Wheels by calling 515-465-7500 Monday through Friday.

“During these deliveries, many times other needs are discovered,” Gannon said. “It might be a missing door, a dangerous handrail or the lack of daily living supplies. We encourage the community to StepUp and look after the elders, not only during this COVID-19 threat but far beyond. And should you be helping an elderly neighbor, make sure to practice excellent hygiene and social distancing.”

The Perry Lutheran Homes is in continued need of volunteers to deliver meals and funding to support the care of Perry’s elders. There are three easy ways to make a donation:mail a check to Perry Lutheran Homes, 2323 Willis Ave., Perry, IA 50220; text the word “GIVE” to the number 515-320-8256; or donate online at the Perry Lutheran Homes website.

Mollie Clark is the director of marketing at the Perry Lutheran Homes.


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