Medically delicate infant reveals God’s grace, beauty

Through her suffering, 15-week-old Cecillia of Jefferson reveals God's infinite love.

Christy Smithson of Jefferson, grandmother of 15-week-old Cecillia of Jefferson, made the following statement on her Facebook fundraising page on Friday, Sept. 27:

“This is Cecillia. She is the daughter of Brooklyn Smithson and Monty Westphalls. She was born on June 9. At 4 days old she stopped breathing and after over an hour was resuscitated by Greene County EMS in Jefferson, earning her a spot in the news as the miracle baby! Cecillia was life-flighted to Blank and later diagnosed with trisomy 13, muscular dystrophy, spastic ataxia, heart condition, laryngomalacia, Pierre Robin among other conditions. Cecillia spent her first few months of life in NICU and was finally able to come home on Sept. 10. On Sept. 20 she was once again transported to Blank and released the following Monday. The family’s week consists of constant appointments and medical personnel in and out of the home. Cecillia was placed on disability, which will help with covering medical expenses, but the family has been unable to continue employment since June. Cecillia requires 24-hour care, and the family rotates sitting with her around the clock in addition to classes and appointments. Savings have run out, and travel to Iowa city and multiple weekly appointments are necessary. Monthly household bills are beginning to fall behind, and everyone is becoming indebted to family and friends. After several people have suggested setting up fundraisers and opening an account at Wells Fargo in Jefferson, we have decided this is needed until the situation improves financially. We are aware there are programs to help but never dealing with something this serious, we don’t know were you even look to find them. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.”

Maria Hernandez reached out to with the following message about Christy Smithson:

“Please take a moment to read this and help if possible! This is the most selfless and caring family I have ever met. They have helped so many people along the way even when they didn’t have a way. Now they need the community’s help in their time of need. Christy (the mother and friend of many) has raised her children to be as great and caring as she and is always going out of her way to show people around her that there are still amazing people in this world. I moved here to Iowa 10 years ago, not knowing but one person and struggling to try to give my own children a better chance in life, and this family made me one of their own in one of the hardest times of my life. She helped me get up after every knock down life threw at me, when I myself didn’t know if I could get up, and they have been a rock and glimpse of hope for so many more. Even now she is modest and still there for others even when her world has been turned upside down. She is a mother, grandmother, sister, friend and just in general an amazing women who never stops giving. Brook her daughter is just as strong and caring as her. She shows so much of her own mother’s strength through all of this, cherishing every moment with her own child (who requires 24-hour care) and family. They rotate in shifts, often with little sleep, and are still looking at all of the positives in their situation. Any help, even just sharing this story, is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.”

On Saturday, Sept. 28, Christy Smithson wrote on Facebook, “I want to say thank you to everyone that who donated, shared, prayed, contacted us or been there in any way! We are very blessed to have such caring people in our lives!”


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