Menke returning to roots as Perry Middle School principal

Ned Menke will move from the principal position at Perry Elementary School to the lead spot at Perry Middle School for the upcoming school year.

When Ned Menke began his career in education it was as a middle school math instructor in Perry.

After a few years, he shifted to the associate principal spot at Perry Elementary, and, for the past four school years, has been principal at PES.

When classes resume in August, the married father of three will return to where he started — Perry Middle School — but this time as principal.

“I feel like this is kind of coming home for me,” Menke said. “This is the age group I started with, and I am very happy to return to this level as a principal. I look forward to working with all the staff and the administration in making grades 6-8 a great learning experience for all our kids.”

Menke said he would also continue to focus on encouraging students to become involved in extra-curricular activities, sports in particular.

“Everyone understands we need to build up our your athletic programs in Perry, and I look forward to continuing to work toward that end,” he stated. “I want to see kids as active as possible both inside and outside of the classroom. Sports is important, but many opportunities outside of sports exist, and I want to help promote those just as much.”


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