Mid-winter diners say, ‘Blessed are the soup makers!’

Soups and delivcious homemade bread were served Feb. 2 at the Peace Lutheran Church near Erlham, one of many beloved mid-winter church dinners.

As the old saying goes, “Soup’s on!” and as devoted readers of the continuing saga of the Beloved Church Dinners know, there is always another dinner coming up. This time of year seems to bring out the soup dinners but not exclusively.

The first dinner that I attended was Wednesday, Jan. 9. The Heartland Church of Christ hosts a free community dinner the second Wednesday of each month from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. They served beef and noodles. It is always a really good meal. I get to visit with a lot of people who I know at these dinners. I missed the one for February because I had a meeting for work. Hopefully I will make it in March.

Jan. 12 brought us the annual Washington Township School soup dinner and pie auction. Dan and I try to get to this event each year. We do enjoy the soups but have not attended an auction. It was a very snowy night, which really hurt the crowd for this year’s event.

They served chili and potato soup. I had these. There were also several other varieties. I know that Dan tried all of them. They also had dessert bars and a relish tray. Funds raised were for the upkeep of the school. I did not hear how the auction went.

On Saturday, Jan. 26 was the annual MERT soup dinner held at the Minburn United Methodist Church. They always have two types of chili — spicy or mild — plus potato soup and something that you do not see very often, split pea soup. This split pea soup contains ham and is very much like ham and bean soup.

I had all three and the dessert. I was filled up. Dan was working out of town and could not attend this event. I heard that they had three gallons more of left over soup than usual since Dan was absent.

Monies were raised for equipment upgrades.

On the morning of Feb. 2, the Perry Lions Club held their annual BRR Ride breakfast at the Hotel Pattee. They had an egg bake and St. Patrick Cinnamon rolls. It made a very good start to the BRR Ride and attracted a lot of customers. Monies raised go toward community projects.

On the evening of Feb. 2, Dan and I headed to Peace Lutheran Church outside of Earlham. I had potato soup and chili. I do not remember if they served another soup, but there was also some very good homemade bread and desserts.

I could have eaten a whole loaf of theirhomemade bread. We ate our fill and headed home in some very heavy fog. We met Marilyn Bode at this dinner. She said that her husband Wes was staying home because of the fog. He made a wise decision.

Monies raised were for church needs and mission projects.

On the evening of Feb.9, the Trinity Lutheran Church in Perry hosted a lasagna dinner for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. There were two types of lasagna, chicken and beef. Also served were garlic bread, salad and a lot of desserts. These were very good. Monies raised went toward the church.

After this we headed over to the high school to record the Juke Box Variety Show for Pegasus. It was an excellent program with a lot of kids participating. Watch the schedule to view the whole show on Pegasus.

On the evening of Saturday, Feb. 16, the Woodward Christian Church hosted a supper. Madonna Rickles always calls me to remind me of these dinners. They served chili and potato soup along with a choice of desserts. They always host very nice dinners. I hope that they will have their ham ball dinner again in the fall. They should be having another dinner in June.

Monies were raised for church needs and mission projects.

Dan told me the Dexter United Methodist Church was hosting a dinner on Sunday Feb.17. They canceled church but still had the dinner. I did not make it because I had enough trouble getting out of my parking space and did not want to chance the drive to Dexter. I ate at Casa de Oro instead.

Hopefully there will some other dinners coming up. The Perry Kiwanis Club served breakfast today, Feb. 23, and the Rippey Lions Club will host a breakfast soon. Other dinners will also be coming up, so look for more reports.


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