Minburn Fire and Rescue suits up with new gear

Trying out the new personal protective gear are Minburn Fire and Rescue firefighters, from left, Jon West, Dan Case, Ryan Henfling and Shannon Cummins.

The Minburn Fire Department recently purchased several new pieces of personal protective equipment worn by firefighters, a move that increases their efficiency and makes the community safer.

Paid for by a Dallas County Foundation grant and local fundraising efforts, the items replace worn out or improperly sized gear, helping to ensure all of the department’s volunteer firefighters are properly equipped to perform their duties safely.

The gear consisted of firefighting coats, pants, boots, helmets, gloves and hoods.

“The new gear has already been put to good use on a number of recent fire and EMS incidents,” said Dan Case, recuse captain with Minburn Fire and Rescue.

Minburn Fire and Rescue provides fire and first response EMS service to a 60-square-mile area of north central Dallas County. The squad is currently composed of 12 volunteers but is always seeking new volunteers.

If you live in the Minburn area and are interested in serving your community as a volunteer firefighter or EMS provider, call Minburn City Hall at 515-677-2245.


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