National, state flags now hang in Perry City Council chambers

Transacting public business before the newly installed national and state flas are, from left, Perry City Council member Dean Berkland, Perry City Clerk Liz Hix, Perry Marketing and Engagement Coordinator Chris Cohea and Perry City Attorney DeWayne Dalen.

The national and state flags now hang prominently in the chambers of the Perry City Council, the result of a suggestion made by a patriotic citizen at the Sept. 4 council meeting.

The flags, hanging vertically on the west wall of the second-floor meeting room of the Towncraft Center, dominate the deliberative space of the chambers, which formerly were rented out for private parties and celebrations.

According to the “Encyclopedia Britannica,” the design of the Iowa flag, “by Dixie C. Gebhardt, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, recalls the French Tricolor, which flew over Iowa prior to the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.”


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