Nature photographer to host free workshop August 7


Still trying to catch the perfect shot in the great outdoors?

Learn the techniques of a professionally published nature photographer for using phenology — the seasonal cycles of organic life — to better understand nature‚Äôs calendar and anticipate the occurrence of natural events, from when various species of flowers bloom to when, where and why various bird species migrate to when mammals bear their young and more.

In a free slide presentation and lecture, entitled “Nature Photography: Ideas, Challenges and Solutions,” nature photographer Ty Smedes will share his tricks of the trade Saturday, Aug. 7 at 10 a.m. at Forest Park and Museum, 14581 K Ave., Perry.

Smedes will assume attendees know how to use their cameras, including basic photography techniques, and he will instead concentrate on ideas, challenges, solutions and planning a nature photography project.

All experience levels are welcome at this free public event. There is no need to bring your camera. For more information about Ty Smedes’ work and to order his books, visit his website.


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