New Day Assembly of God to host Crossroads play Saturday, Sunday

The Three Wise Men approach King Herod, played by Dustin Mull, in the Crossroads Church production of "A Stress-Free Christmas." Photo courtesy Crossroads Church

What do a couple of fishermen have to do with Christmas?

Attend the Crossroads Church production of “A Stress-Free Christmas,” and find out. The holiday play, written and directed by Christine Ruble, will be staged at the New Day Assembly of God Church, 2313 First Ave. in Perry, Saturday, Dec. 14 and Sunday, Dec. 15 at 7 p.m.

The evening begins with a children’s choir and ends with fellowship and cookies, and in between the audience will learn what the fishermen have to say about their Christmas experiences and the story of Jesus’ birth.

“We know there is another production this weekend at Perry Bible,” said Heather Karolus of Crossroads Church, “but it’s a great opportunity for people to go to both free events and kick off their Christmas season!”

Karolus said the Crossroads Church is grateful to the New Day Assembly of God Church for providing a location for this pageant while the Crossroads building is being remodeled.


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