November Bluejay Leaders named at Perry Elementary

November Bluejay Leaders from the third grade at Perry Elementary post with their certificates. In front are Maria Lopez, Johnny Ponce, and Leandro Castaneda. with Lenyn Walton, Leonel Medina, and Emma Mills in the middle row. Standing in the back row are Cash Baxter, Kayenne Edler, Pierce Menke, and Adela Oliver. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary.

Students named as Bluejay Leaders for the month of November have been announced by Perry Elementary School. To earn the distinction, students must be selected by their teachers for displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors at school.

Second graders display their certificates of recognition, with Paislee Brokaw, Jordan Rote-Ozbun, Ronnie Menendez, and Abraham Hernandez in the front row. In the middle row are Holland Willis, Graeson Cumming, Paloma Vaca, and Mikal Okubay, while Brittany Medina, Afton Meyers, Alexander Sanchez, and Jose Santos-Garcia stand at top.

First graders named Bluejay Leaders for November are, front row, Halle Kilts, James Maylum, and Katelynne Wells, and Grace Lawson, Valeria Reyes, and Dylan Gall, middle row. Also honored are, in back, Lailie Irishura, Jayden Grove, Mauricio Cerna, and Izzy McGill. Not pictured are Elias Perez and Easton Gonzalez.

Alondra Hernandez, Dylan Castaneda, Hismarly Martinez, and Lily Schroeder stand in the front row of the kindergarteners selected. Waylon Alexander, Kokob Tewelde, Zebastian Gonzalez, Addy Lopez, and Elena Reece are in the middle row, with Chase Ward, Sophia Fitzpatrick-Smith, Juan Cerna, and Ava Heinemann at back, Not pictured are Rebecca Soto and Semere Goitom.

Chosen from the fifth grade were, in front, George Krohn and Leonardo Medina. In the middle are Arianna Silverstre, Moises Amaya, and Megan Orwin, while Avilene Cornelio, Joseph Hernandez, Addison Carlson, and Xavier Gonzalez make up the final row. Dylan Pennington and Braylenny Ramirez-Laurean are not pictured.

Eight of the 10 fourth graders named November Bluejay Leaders pose for a photo. In front are Jaylyn Robb and Brandon Jacobs, with Yaneli Torres-Gonzalez, Elena Lawson, and Chris Tolle in the middle row. Standing in the top row are Elijah McCarty, Edicson Arteaga, and Eldora Teweldebirhan. Temesgen Goitom and Evelyn Zamora are not pictured.

All photos are courtesy of Perry Elementary. Names appear as provided.


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