October Bluejay Leaders named at Perry Elementary

Fourth grade Bluejay Leaders at Perry Elementary for the month of October pose with their certificates. In front are Tucker Marler and Aaron Carrillo, with Emma Sang, Carolina Corcuera, Marian Cerna, and Chloe Butler in the second row. Guthrie Wilson, Yohancel Morales-Laureano, Kate Schuttler, and Johnathan Ruiz-Aragon stand in the third row. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary School.

The teachers at Perry Elementary School have released their list of Bluejay Leaders for the month of October. Students honored are selected by their instructors for displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors at school.

Standing in front are Kimberly Lopez, Sebastian Martinez, Zoila Tamez, and Jamie Hudnell, all Bluejay Leaders from the third grade. They are joined by classmates Sofia Rivas, Berkley Rowe, and Carson Myers in the second row, and Rafe Meyer, Valentina Medina, and Charlie Baxter in the third row.

Second grade students named Bluejay Leaders show their certificates. In front are Thaivin Wicks, Jeiliza Puente-Cruz, Andrew Colon, and Josue Porras. The second row features Zelia Ketelsen, Belinda Ramirez, Alex Hernandez, and Braiden Olen, with the back row including Genet Teweldebirhan, Chloe Telleen, Wendy Leanos, and Matthew Leake.

First grade students chosen as Bluejay Leaders stepped out of class for this photo opportunity. Standing in front are Leslie Cerna, Karmen Willis, Isabella Soto, and Declan Baldwin. In row two are Camilia Cruz, Noah Atwell, Leti Trinidad, and Ariana Gonzalez, with row three including Sebastian Banuelos-Castellanoz, Drew Adair, and Isabella Hernandez. Destiny Smith is not pictured.

Earning their first-ever Bluejay Leader honors were 14 kindergarten students. Daniel Zamora, Tucker Holmes, Kevin Cojon, and Bennett Mertz stand on the floor, with Cassius Espinoza, Allison Finn, Briana Ramirez, Katie Forbes, and Jason Jacobson on the first step. Standing at rear are Hutch Walton, Summer LuBlay, Alejandra Hernandez, and Jose Santos. Not pictured is Reighlynn Edler.

The 10 fifth graders who earned Bluejay Leader status pose for a photo. From left, are, front row: Leah Thoren, Evan Fuson-Armstrong, and Blake Nunez-Buswell; with Oscar Panama, Jasmine Gonzalez, and Tiffany Riquelme in the middle row. At rear are Chris Torres, Jose Romero, Zaray Castro, and Karime Abarca.

All photos appear courtesy of Perry Elementary School. All names appear as submitted.


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