Off the Leash Meet and Greet will bring corgis nose to . . . nose

A chorus of corgis will be in Perry Sunday afternoon when the Off the Leash Corgi Meet and Greet gathers at the Perry Dog Park from 2-4 p.m.

Corgis are classified as heelers.

Corgi meets corgi Sunday at an Off the Leash Meet and Greet event at the Perry Dog Park. The two-hour encounter, sponsored by the Des Moines Corgi Club, starts at 2 p.m.

“If you’ve made it to one of the Corgi Flash Mobs at the Des Moines Farmers Market, then you have experienced something special,” said Matt Leber, organizer of the corgi congress in Perry. “Now you can experience a huge dog park packed with as many fluffy butts we can get for this.”

Dog treats will be provided by Big Creek Barkery in Polk City, Leber said, and he himself will supply the human treats in the form of cookies. He recommends corgi escorts bring along lawn chairs and a favorite toy, such as balls, Frisbees and similar.

Abby Benifiel, director of the Humane Society of Perry, said the Perry Dog Park is an ideal setting for the corgi come together, with plenty of room to run and diversions to interest the corgis, a favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

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Queen Elizabeth II, the British royal monarch, likes corgis and dachshunds.
Queen Elizabeth II, the British royal monarch, likes corgis and dachshunds.


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