One injured in rollover accident near Angus curve Saturday night


A one-vehicle accident Saturday night just north of the Angus Curve near the Boone County-Greene County line on Iowa Highway 144 led to the transport of the solo male driver to Methodist Hospital in Des Moines with unknown injuries.

The vehicle left the roadway shortly after 8:30 p.m.

Responding to the mishap were the Perry Police Department, Perry First Responders, Perry Volunteer Fire Department, the Boone County Sheriff’s office, Greene County Sheriff’s office and Greene County EMS.

The victim was transported by Greene County EMS. Radio traffic indicated alcohol might have been a factor in the mishap, but no official cause has been confirmed at this hour. will update this story as information becomes available.


  1. I do not know who this was. However, I sure hope their family was notified prior to your story. Prayers that no one in the accident or responding to the accident was injured.

    • Thank you for your comment. In this case your prayers were not answered because, as the headline indicates, someone was injured in the accident. It is customary among news organizations to withhold the names of injured parties, particularly persons fatally injured, until the parties’ families are notified. It is not customary to withhold news of the incident itself.

  2. But at the same time, I agree with the one above that the family should have been notified before this was put in the paper or on the Internet. What if the family did not want it to be in the paper or on the Internet? I know if I was a parent and this happened to my child and it was put in the paper or online, there would be problems because I was not notified before it was put in to see if I wanted it in. Parents have their rights no matter what!

    • I have to agree with the editor. This is all a matter of public record. The feelings of the family are noted by delaying the release of names until they are notified. After that, it is the duty of the journalist to report all the details the authorities disclose to them.

  3. I don’t care if the state has to use eminent domain to do it. That curve is a death trap, and it should be a priority to have it seen to.

  4. Nick, the accident did not happen at the curve, it was about a half mile after the curve. To the first person who commented, your name is childish and rude. If the person or family would be offended by the story, perhaps a person should not have been drinking and driving. What if it had been your car, full of your family, that he hit? I bet all of you would have a much different view. There is no name in this article, and even if there were, if you do not want your name in the news, do not do anything unintelligent that results in it being reported.

  5. I agree with everyone on this except for the fact that a family member might be able to recognize the car. If they want to report it, why not words only until the family is notified? I know if it were my family and I saw that before being notified, I would be angry.

  6. Okay, folks, remember your eighth grade civics class, that is, if you attended one? In a free and civil society, it is the sworn duty of a journalist to report the news, regardless of who may or may not want the info out. Again I say, due consideration is given to families and loved ones by withholding certain facts until the loved ones are informed. You all should have learned from your social studies and civics classes that we can’t get this democracy to work without a free and unfettered press. Any act or incident requiring responses from our civil authorities is a matter of public record. The only other legitimate reasons to withhold such information from public scrutiny is over matters of civil security and to protect ongoing police investigations. Unpleasant news and unwanted attention are necessary evils that must be tolerated for the greater good of all. It is inevitable and unfortunate that this sometimes causes pain, but that’s just the way things have to be.

    As for this accident itself, don’t bring me in on the issue. I’m just here to remind you all how a free press is supposed to operate. Sometimes the news is just bad. Don’t blame the journalists for doing their sometimes unpleasant jobs.

  7. If you have a comment, please have the courtesy to list your name. Otherwise, it should be ignored. I was in the news business for 28 years on the radio, and I would have done exactly what this editor did.


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