Panora Brethren serve grace, grub in equal measures

The Panora Church of the Brethren was founded in 1869.

The ice cream social season keeps going on. In conjunction with the Panora City Celebration, the Panora Church of the Brethren held two events. The first was a breakfast on Saturday. Aug. 4.

I headed out to this breakfast, went the wrong way and ended up eating biscuits and gravy at Burger King. Then I drove to a gun show in Indianola. It was not too bad a show, and the pawn shop in Indianola had some interesting firearms.

I knew about Sunday’s ice cream social. I checked my directions and headed out around 5:30 p.m. because Panora takes a while to get to. Dan did not go. He never showed up for church, and I found out the next week that he had to drive 10 hours to somewhere in South Dakota.

I got to the church. which is on the curvy rode that takes you south into Panora.

I came upon the church, a very large building with a cemetery next to it. I saw inside that the congregation started the church in 1869, which is the same time that Perry was founded and also the Perry United Methodist Church.

Before this event there was a concert by the Ambassadors of Grace, a Christian group. I did not get to this concert. I fell asleep in the afternoon.

At the event there were several people sitting around talking. The Ambassadors of Grace were also visiting with the crowd and talking about their travels and performances around the country.

The menu was beef burgers, chips, ice cream and an assortment of pies and cakes. They also had blueberries for the ice cream. I took a generous helping. I need to eat more blueberries.

The monies raised support various mission projects. I believe that the Panora Church of the Brethren hosts an ice cream social every year. I will have to watch out for this again next summer.

More events will occur this weekend, including the Iowa State Fair.


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