Paul Herrick honored with artwork at Perry Public Library

Celebrating the dedication of a public artwork in honor of longtime Perry Public Library patron and friend Paul Herrick are, from left, Eunadell Hulse, Gary Hulse, Natalie Castillo, Marilyn Herrick, Alfredo Castillo, Irma Castillo, Alfredo Castillo Jr., Patti Kelleher, who is holding Oliver Paul Adams -- Paul Herrick's namesake -- Alan Kelleher, Carolena Adams, Zach Adams and retired Perry Public Library Director Mary Murphy.

A public artwork was recently dedicated to the memory of longtime patron of the Perry Public Library and member of the Friends of Perry Public Library Paul Herrick.

The artwork, a 2023 piece by Magdalena and Merak, called “Wall Sculpture,” hangs above the main entrance to the library’s large central chamber, where Herrick would often stop to visit and tell a joke or two to the librarians. Herrick died Feb. 16, 2022.

Marilyn Herrick, Paul’s wife, was on hand for the dedication on Saturday, Nov. 11, when the library was bustling with Art on the Prairie patrons. Joining Marilyn were longtime friends Eunadell and Gary Hulse, Natalie and Alfredo Castillo with their children, Irma Castillo and Alfredo Castillo Jr., Alan and Patti Kelleher and their daughter and son-in-law, Carolena and Zach Adams, and grandson, Oliver Paul Adams, who is Paul Herrick’s namesake.

Perry Public Library Director Mary Murphy led the dedication ceremony, speaking warmly of Herrick’s great generosity to the library and unfailing good humor.


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