Perry-Area Food Pantry grateful to local letter carriers, students

Lending helping hands at the Perry Food Bank were St. Patrick's School students, from left, Angel Mendoza, Ismael Santis-Nava, Gannon Meis, Kyle Hernandez, Alejandra Ruiz, Rubi Hernandez and instructor Kayla Rothmeyer. Food Pantry Coordinator Esmeralda Banales, right, helped coordinate the efforts.

Esmeralda Banales, coordinator of the Perry-Area Food Pantry, said she and her fellow staff members and volunteers at the food pantry are grateful to employees of the U.S. Postal Service in Perry, students at St. Patrick’s School and residents of the Perry area for the large donation of food the pantry received in May.

“We deeply appreciate the generosity of people in the Perry area,” Banales said.

Much of the labor at the Perry-Area Food Pantry is done by volunteers.

“Both the Post Office and St. Patrick’s carried out a tremendous in-gathering of food in May,” said Lou Hoger, Food Pantry board member and a regular volunteer at the pantry.

Hoger said the U.S. Postal Service workers in Perry delivered more than 1,800 pounds — nine tons — of food items in May, and St. Patrick’s students provided more than 600 pounds.

“An over-flowing grocery cart holds around 250 pounds,” Hoger said. “The Food Pantry Board of Directors wants to sincerely thank every person who donated through either campaign. Such donations will keep the shelves of the Food Pantry supplied with items for several months, greatly reducing the commodities that need to be purchased from the Iowa Food Bank or local grocers.”

For more information about the Perry-Area Food Pantry or to volunteer at the pantry or make a donation, call 515-465-5185.

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Post Office Food Pantry Photo
U.S. Postal Service employee Scott Yarrington stands amid several of the many loads of food donated by Perry residents and collected by the Post Office workers.


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