Perry Chief to close local office April 30, ending 147-year run

Gannett Co. Inc. announced Thursday the company will close the offices of the Perry Chief and Dallas County News at 1316 Second St. in downtown Perry when its lease expires April 30.

The Perry Daily Chief operated at 1323 Second St. until 2015. The paper became a weekly publication in 1983.

Gannett Co. Inc. announced Thursday the company will close the offices of the Perry Chief and Dallas County News at 1316 Second St. when its lease expires April 30, ending the Chief’s 147-year history as a fixture among downtown Perry storefronts.

The Gannett properties will continue to publish, and staff members will work from home, the company said.

The Perry Daily Chief, founded in 1874, was owned and operated by the Whitehead family of Perry from 1928 in offices at 1323 Second St. The paper converted to weekly publication in 1983. The Whitehead family sold the newspaper in 2013 to an Arkansas company that in turn sold it to New York-based New Media Investment Group in 2015. The paper moved to its present offices in 2015 and was joined by the Dallas County News in 2016, when it closed its Adel offices.

New Media Investment Group merged with Gannett in 2019 to form Gannett Co. Inc., now the largest newspaper company in the U.S. Gannett Co. Inc. owns more than 250 daily publications, including USA Today, the Des Moines Register and the Ames Tribune, and several hundred weekly publications around the U.S., including the Chief and Dallas County News., founded in 2014, remains the only locally owned media source in Perry.


  1. Other than the sales staff, why did they even keep it open? I hate to say it, but the Chief is just full of filler stuff that Gannett uses for all those formerly local publications that they gobbled up. The Perry News is one of the few publications around with working journalists writing about local news, not just a sales staff trying to sell ads to be placed in ghosts of former greats like the Chief was.

  2. The Chief and our community are both victims of Corptrocratic Consolidation. I continuously hear Conservatives, Libertarians and hard core Trumpists howl about Socialism, many of them not even really knowing what Socialism actually is. Socialism is when the workers control the resources and means of production. Very few are those in the Democratic Party who really want that, including Sanders and AOC. We don’t want the government totally controlling the banks, economy, manufacturing and what have you. We don’t want the government to essentially become a giant, megalithic corporation. We want a very strong and proactive government but not a government that is too very strong that it inhibits growth, individual liberties, initiative and entrepreneurship. What I want those on the Right to look at is how small and weak government allows the elite monied class, land barons and multinational corporations to control all our lives. The government owning the corporations is very bad. The corporations owning the government is just as bad. After a point, the hard core Socialist governments and Corptrocratic governments look pretty much identical. Those of the Q minded among you, with all your fears of the Illuminati and a New World Order, take note. A society out of balance is prone to fall victim to such things be they oriented too far to the Left or too far to the Right. We need a society that is essentially funded by private enterprise, having a strong public infrastructure as pertaining to health care, education and law enforcement, all of which should be monitored by a free, independent and multifaceted press. What with Gannett and Rupert Murdoch owning most of the media outlets, you have things happen like what has happened here. For all intents and purposes, The Perry Chief is no more. What little remains of it is essentially only an advertising rag. It should be called the Perry Filler. And the Dallas County News should be called Waukee Today as that is where their heart is now. Remember the term, Corptrocratic Consolidation. It means that Gannett really owns a big chunk of Dallas County.


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