Perry Elementary names Bluejay Leaders for February

Kindergarten students at Perry Elementary named Bluejay Leaders for February smile behind their masks while displaying their certificates. In front are Owen Atwell, Emmitt DeCamp, Juanito Torres, and Hajah Sarnor, with Zaylee Friedrichsen, Ricardo Hernandez, Valentina Carrillo, Haben Teweldebirhan, and Jessica Banales in the middle row. Standing at back are Chris Shellhei, Ely Rivera, Dania Gonzalez, Sophia Brauer, and Ahryn Cohea. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary.

Teachers at the Perry Elementary school recently selected specific students to receive the honor of being Bluejay Leaders for February. Students are chosen for displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors at school.

Only six of the 10 fifth graders named Bluejay Leaders for February were available for the group photo. Present were, in front, Ayden Mundt, Cassandra Sierra, and Eli Ballard, with Steven Mena, Anh Dang, and Riley McDowell at back. Not pictued are Nazik Badawi, Mavrik Marton, Landon Carlson, and Shianne Richardson.

Standing in the front row of the fourth grade February Bluejay Leaders are Irma Castillo, Emileigh Hensel, and Christopher Gomez. Bryant Jacobs, Isabelle Trotter, Sarah Forbes, and Emily Williams are in the middle row and Filimon Nigusea, Ella Kilts, and Yovani Sandival-Ramos in the back row.

February Bluejay Leaders gather for a group photo. Gigi Saenz, William Schroeder, and Will Telleen stand in the first row, Angel Cerna, Jaylea Pittman, Jad Derbal, and Jafet Rivas comprise the second row, with Aaralyn Minnehan, Delilah Coleman, and Caydence Speck in row three.

One dozen students from the second grade were named February Bluejay Leaders at Perry Elementary. In the first row are Adilene Romero, Cruz Maldonado, Charlie Rogers, and Christian Pineda, with Catnyss Hein, Christian Marroquin, Belinda Espinoza, and Gavin Grant in row two. At rear are Janelle Flores, Allison Escobar, Dewey Cruz-Sanchez, and Isai Rodriguez.

Proudly displaying their February Bluejay Leader certificates are 11 of the 13 first graders selected for the honor. Ava Miller, Kaiden McCord, Drew Adair, and Juliet Loera are in front, with Jessie Sarnor, Andres Silvestre, Celina Rivas, and Cameron Kundinger in the middle row. Standing in back are Delayza Sampayo, Serenity Edler, and William Chilil-Martin. Not pictured are Franky Augustin-Marroquin and Joshua Torres.

All names appear as submitted. All photos courtesy Perry Elementary School.


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