Perry Elementary names last set of Bluejay Leaders

The final set of Bluejay Leaders for this school year were recently chosen at Perry Elementary. Posing from the kindergarten are, in front, Chase Shields, Rafael Santos, Nathan Buswell, and Kinnick Bradley, with Azul Rivera, Rahaw Gebrehiwet, Lucciano Oliver, and Blessing Say in the middle row while Josue Hernandez, Maisa Francis, David Reeser, and Rebecca Soto stand at rear. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary.

The final set of Bluejay Leaders for the current school year have been named at Perry Elementary. Students selected are chosen by their teachers for displaying behaviors at school that are respectful, responsible, and safe.

Shown above in the front row are Camila Cruz, Eternalwin Htoo, and Marbella Silva-Lopez. They are joined by fellow first graders Skarleth Drahos, Zoey Butin, Dominiq Lewis, and Oliver Hensel in the middle row, with Blayke Fuller, Isabella Soto, and Lila Devilbiss in the back row. Not pictured are Julian Rios-Robles and Connor James.

Standing in the front row from the second grade are Ashline Ross, Levi Flowers, and Caleb Harland, with Miya Waterhouse, Genet Teweldebirhan, Yarethsy Sanchez, and Thaivin Wicks in the second row. King Lira, Serenity Ramirez, Mason Armstrong, Dylan Yaeggy stand at rear.

Third graders named May Bluejay Leaders included, in front, Natalie Whiton, Payton Osterhout, and Reed Wuebker, with Aaliyah Rivera-Rote, Natalie Lilley, Lenyn Walton, and Max Gray in the middle row. Standing at back are Brenda Hernandez, Marcella Lewis, and Liam Finn.

Stephanie Mena, Nicholas Quigley, and Adelynn Ross stand in the front row of the fourth grade Bluejay Leaders. Eli Castro, Vanessa Sandoval, Jazmene Garcia, and Luis Vargas are in the second row, with the third row comprised of Katia Clemente-Salazar, Evelyn Zamora, and Hayden Rothfus.

Posing with their Bluejay Leader certificates are 10 fifth graders. Itzel Ramirez, Troy Ochoa, and Walter Fuentes-Gavidia are in the front row, and Tyfany Villalobos, Sylas Geffre, Jose Robles, and Jose Romero in the middle row, with Anna Hoyle, Jonathan Romero, and Sherlin Sanchez standing at rear.


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