Perry Elementary selects Bluejay Leaders for January

January Bluejay Leaders from the fourth grade at Perry Elementary School pose with their certificates. Kneeling are, from left, Joseph Hernandez, Sherlin Sanchez, Trayton Minnehan, and Tyfany Villalobos. Standing are, from left, Landon Edmondson, Leah Thoren, Katie Villalobos, Oscar Panama and Steven Mena. Not pictured is Biviana Banales-Fuentes. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary.

Bluejay Leaders for the month of January were recently awarded with recognition and certificates honoring their selection by the teaching staff at Perry Elementary School. Students are chosen for displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors throughout the month.

Fifth grade Bluejay Leaders for January included, front row from left: Adylene Ramirez, Daisy Hernandez, Zachary Kenyon, Kalley Whelchel and Jeiliani Puente. Standing are, from left: Lluvia Vaca, Sandra Banales, Quintyn Quillen, Adrianna Walt, and Skylar James.

Fourteen kindergartners were named January Bluejay Leaders. Sitting are Celine Rivas, Ian Perez, William Chilil-Martin, Jessica Aguilar-Torrez, Lunabella Barron, Danica Miller, and Tucker Holmes. Standing are Grace Lawson, Valeria Reyes, Josias Hernandez, Judah Finn, Quentin Mintun, Dominick Soriano, and Nazirah Ezeirig.

First grade Bluejay Leaders for January smile with justifiable pride. Sitting are Cristian Marroquin, Alex Madriaga, Paloma Vaca, Emiliano Recinos, and Belinda Espinoza. Standing are Anthony Cregeen, Dylan Yaeggy, Alana Mintun, Mikal Okabay, and Naomi Cedillo. Not pictured are Cody Goodman and Agatha Pommer.

Posing with their Bluejay Leader for January certificates are 10 happy second grade students. Front row, from left, Gavin Landgrebe, Adela Oliver, Jamie Hudnell, Danna Contreras, and Jad Derbgal. Back row, from left: Michelle Chic, Yumba Kalala, Jaydenn Alvarado, Eli McGill, and Aaliyah Rivera-Rote.

A happy dozen of third graders were named Bluejay Leaders for January. Kneeling are Emileigh Hensel, T.J. Fickbohm, Karen Vargas, Zoe Pennington, Laycee Morton and Katia Clemente-Salazar. Standing are Cash Medina, Nicholas Quigley, Ashton Hike, Michael Canales, Maybeline Flores-Jimenez, and Arianna Lira.

All photos are courtesy of Perry Elementary. All names appear as provided.


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