Perry Elementary selects Bluejay Leaders for November

November Bluejay Leaders from the second grade at Perry Elementary pose for their group picture. In front are Juliette Moe, Jayden Grove, Luna Barron and Maynor Israel, with Dylan Flowers, Genesis Corado, Josias Cortes and Jessica Aguillar-Torrez. Standing in the top row are Violetta Ramirez, Ivan Arreola and Isabella Soto. Declan Baldwin is not pictured. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary.

Teachers at Perry Elementary recently selected the students worthy of being named Bluejay Leaders for the month of November. Students are chosen by displaying respectful, responsible and safe behaviors at school.

Chloe Telleen, Cody Goodman and Wendy Leanos stand in the first row of the third grade Bluejay Leaders photo for November. Charlie Rogers, Sophia Carlson, Haylee Hernandez and Thaivin Wicks are in the middle row, with Ajdin Bahtagic, Lauren Finn and Axel Hegstrom in the top row.

Ten fourth graders were named Bluejay Leaders for November, including, in the first row, Delilah Coleman, Pierce Menke and Ideally Chavez. In row two are Aralyn Minnehan, Maria Lopez, Jackson Sass and Carley Kettleson while Trinity Augustine, Layne Modlin and Makalyn Cochran comprise row three.

Karen Vargas, Maddox Jorgenson and Emily Williams stand at bottom as the fifth grade Bluejay Leaders for November gather for a group photo. Lenny Ochoa, Stephanie Mena, Jayden Mapes and Edicson Arteaga are in the middle row, with Katia Clemente-Salazaar, Keldrick Newman and Sofia Pineda in the top row.

Transitional and traditional kindergarten students selected as Bluejay Leaders in November are all smiles. In front are Lane Huitt, Adelina Santos-Garcia, Madison Canales, Tenley Baldwin and Edwin Tavasaz-Jimenez, with Kali Monroy, Skyla Vanover, Joshua Harland and Diana Cornejo in the middle row. Standing in the top row are Ezekiel Boston, Owen Ridgway-Wilson and Lily Steadman. Absent for the picture is Berenice Tapia-Garcia.The first grade Bluejay Leaders for November gather for a happy photo. Standing in row one are Danna Nelson, Kinnick Bradley, Cassius Espinoza and Brynn Menke. Rylan Dunsmoor, Haben Teweldebirhan, Genesis Ramirez-Cornejo and Meghan Ratliff are in the middle, with Alexa Munoz, Averie Perry-Swanson, Alondra Mendez and Matthew Redig at top.

All photos are courtesy of Perry Elementary School and all names are listed as provided.


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