Perry Elementary teachers choose December Bluejay Leaders

The Bluejay Leaders for December were recently chosen at Perry Elementary School. Third graders selected included, kneeling, Temesgen Goitom, Brandon Jacobs, Issac Gebresslasie, Layla Pender, and Sarah Forbes. Standing are Tristan Mintun, Amirra Alvarez, Genesis Lopez, Jonathan Ruiz-Aragon, Alexander Kenworthy, and Ella Kilts. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary.

Each month of the school year the teachers at Perry Elementary School select a certain number of their students as Bluejay Leaders. Those chosen have displayed respectful, responsible, and safe behavior throughout the month. The December set of Bluejay Leaders was recently announced.

Bluejay Leaders from the fourth grade pose for a group photo. Front row: Yodit Okubazgi, Payton Pierschbacher, Avilene Cornelio, Eleazar Salazar, and Jesus Salazar. Back row: Aydan Hernandez, Riley McDowell, Mason Hayes, Ariana Silvestre, and Khloe Brock.

Selected among the fifth grade were, first row, Aleah Karolus, Danica Bane, Jackson Heinkel, and Bryceton Richardson. Second row, Andy Truong, Emily Stiles, Rosa Pineda, Skiedyn Coleman, and Princess Joleff. Not pictured is Townes Wilson.

Posing in front of the Bluejay Leaders window are those picked for the month of December from the kindergarten classes. Sitting are Enrique Mendoza, Jhazleen Tobar, Leti Trinidad, Noah Atwell, Jayden Grove and Jorge Diaz. Standing are Violet Bell, Dominiq Lewis, Augusto Tobar-Diaz, Juliette Moe, Marbella Silva-Lopez and Avacyn Martinez. Not pictured are Ella Hardy and Elias Perez.

A dozen proud first grade students show their Bluejay Leader certificates. In front are Dania Hernandez, Alex Cardona-Espinoza, Afton Meyers, Elias Iteriteka, Zane Coleman and Alex Recinos, with Geney Tweldebirhan, Ruby Holle, Brittany Medina, Priscilla Garcia Soriano, Jeiliza Puente-Cruz and Shiloh Siglin at rear.

The Bluejay Leaders picked to represent the second grade for the month of December smile with pride. Sitting are Valentina Medina, Max Gray, Lindsay Brown, Abby Hernandez and Delilah Coleman. Standing are Jackson Sass, Rebecca Diaz-Cardenas, Leyla Girkins, Rihanna Mendoza and Vincent Fredrichsen.

All names appear as submitted, all photos courtesy Perry Elementary School.


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