Perry High School showcases band and choir talent

Winners of the Karl King Awards, given to the top two band students in each class as voted on by their peers in band, include, from left, seniors Christian Loaiza, Gabi Huntington, Alison Tobar, Morgan Holmstrom, Allie Hopkins, Brooke Huntington, Angel Escobar and Breanna Penenger.

The Perry High School Instrumental and Vocal Music Departments held their final performances of the 2014-2015 school year Monday night at the Perry Performing Arts Center. Between the playing and singing, awards were distributed for musical excellence. The following list of award winners were honored at the annual event.

Video courtesy of PEGASUS TV 12.

2015 Perry High School Instrumental Music Awards

1. Karl King Awards: This award is given to the top two band students in each class, as chosen by their peers in band.

Karl King Freshmen 1: Breanna Penenger
Karl King Freshmen 2: Angel Escobar
Karl King Sophomore 1: Brooke Huntington
Karl King Sophomore 2: Allie Hopkins
Karl King Junior 1: Alison Tobar
Karl King Junior 2: Morgan Holmstrom
Karl King Senior 1: Gabi Huntington
Karl King Senior 2: Christian Loaiza

2. Iowa Band Association Award of Merit: Morgan Holmstrom

This award is given to an underclassman who demonstrates outstanding leadership, musicianship and overall excellence in the high school instrumental music department.

3. John Philip Sousa Award: Christian Loaiza

This award is presented for outstanding achievement and interest in instrumental music, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation and for displaying those high qualities of conduct that school instrumental music strives to impart.

4. Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Paige Gillmore

This award is presented in recognition of outstanding achievement by an instrumentalist in the field of jazz as demonstrated through superior musicianship, character and individual creativity.

5. Semper Fidelis Award: Gabi Huntington

The United State Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Awards are presented to a senior in recognition of citizenship, leadership, self-confidence, courage and musical excellence.

2015 Perry High School Vocal Music awards

1. The following students received a Division II, Excellent, Rating:

Keegan Eastman
Breanna Dittert

2. The following students received a Division I, Superior, Rating:

Breanna Penenger
Terry Isley
Christian Loaiza, Best of Center
*Loaiza will perform his solos at an Outstanding Performer’s Showcase at Iowa State University May 13.

3. High Point Letterwinner Awards: These awards are given to the two students in each grade with the highest letter points.

High Point Freshman 1: Breanna Dittert
High Point Freshman 2: Breanna Penenger
High Point Sophomore 1: Brooke Huntington
High Point Sophomore 2: Emma Olejniczak
High Point Junior 1: Desi Hartz
High Point Junior 2: Neyda Alfaro
High Point Senior 1: Christian Loaiza
High Point Senior 2: Gabi Huntington

4. Overall High Point Letterwinner Award: This award is given to the two students who have earned the most letter points in choir throughout the year.

High Point Letterwinners: Christian Loaiza and Gabi Huntington

5. Iowa Choral Directors Association Outstanding Senior Choral Award: This award recognizes a student who exhibits superior all-around musicianship, has demonstrated personal musical growth and genuine interest in all aspects of the choral art.

ICDA Outstanding Senior Choral Award: Terry Isley
Isley also received earned a scholarship to attend Graceland University in the fall.

6. Perry Choral Award: This award is given to two seniors who have demonstrated outstanding musicianship and leadership in choir throughout their high school careers, as voted on by their peers.

Perry Choral Award: Christian Loaiza and Gabi Huntington,

7. Senior Recognition

Maggie Beidler, Chloe Gilmore, Gabi Huntington, Terry Isley, Christian Loaiza, Chloe Long, Makayla Meier, Emily Pace, Chris Rothfus, Madison Thompson and Alexia Velichkina

8. Other Awards

First Year Letterwinners: Skylar Cunningham, Breanna Dittert, Cassidy Fletcher, Breanna Penenger, Saydee Strough, Sidney Vancil, Andrea Cortes, Keegan Eastman, Dax Kresse, Jessica Saenz, Desi Hartz, Taviar Lucas, Maggie Beidler and Alexia Velichkina

Second Year Letterwinners: Lauren Benjamin, Alicia Calderon, Andy Chic, Brooke Huntington, Luz Matias, Mariah McNamarah, Emma Olejniczak, Samantha Paulin, Haley Vaughn, Neyda Alfaro, Evelyn Carranza, Emily Pace and Madison Thompson

Third Year Letterwinners: Ryan Guerra, Kat Leesley, Chloe Gilmore and Makayla Meier

Fourth Year Letterwinners: Gabi Huntington, Terry Isley, Christian Loaiza, Chloe Long and Chris Rothfus

2015 Combined Instrumental Music and Vocal Music Awards

1. Cook-Weishaar Award: Madison Thompson

Steve Cook and Gary Weishaar were long-time Perry High School instrumental music and vocal music directors. This award is given to an outstanding senior band and choir student.

2. Evans-Hall Award: Chloe Long

David Evans and Allan Hall were long-time Perry High School instrumental music and vocal music directors. This award recognizes a senior band and choir student who demonstrates exceptional musicianship, leadership and has a minimum cumulative weighted Grade Point Average of 3.85.

2015 Instrumental Music and Vocal Music Scholarships

1. Virginia O’Brien Scholarship: Christian Loaiza, $1,000

Virginia O’Brien was actively involved in music activities at Perry High School. Her love of music led to the establishment of the Virginia O’Brien Memorial Music Scholarship. This scholarship is available to graduating students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in instrumental or vocal music.

2. Christopher Muhs Memorial Scholarship: Christian Loaiza and Gabi Huntington, $500 each

Christopher Muhs was a graduate of Perry High School in 2001. He was actively involved in athletics and the fine arts. This award is presented in his memory to a PHS senior in recognition of academic, fine arts and athletic excellence.




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