Perry Knights of Columbus serve final Lenten Fish Fry of 2016

A large crowd enjoyed the final Knights of Columbus Lenten Fish Fry Friday at the St. Patrick's Catholic School gym.

A steady crowd enjoyed the sixth and final Lenten Fish Fry served by the Knights of Columbus at St. Patrick’s Catholic School gym Friday.

The KCs offer both fried and baked pollock, along with baked potato, grilled cheese sandwich, breadsticks and french fries as well as cole slaw. Desserts are provided by the ladies of St. Patrick’s parish. As the dinners are all-you-can-eat, very few leave hungry.

The KCs serve fish each Friday during Lent save for Good Friday and would like to thank all of those who assisted this again this year and especially those who patronized one or more of the dinners.


  1. I deeply regret not making the scene at any of these functions this season. This long-haired, screaming heretic has always been welcomed warmly at these events in the past. If history is any indication, the pollock did not die in vain.


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